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    At what age do you think your kid started to really understand the game and tactics and displayed that intelligence on the field? Curious to see if there is trend. For my oldest kid, I'd say around the end of U13 after a full season playing 11 aside. In her U14 season, you could just see the confidence, poise and continuing growth in decision making. Ability to play multiple positions and not miss a beat. Just a pleasure to watch as a player now at U15.
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    I would agree - 13. My kid was impacted by the birth year - lost a year and a very young 2005. On the field, socially and so on it took her a bit to catch on.

    I think the break through was allowing her to play with her friends by setting up an open play environment for the past 2 summers and allowing her to play rec with her friends this past Fall. It was her seeing how good she was - the fruits of her labor - all those years of hard work, that finally get her to understand that she was a good player.

    Moving to a club that embraces who she is as a person and player only elevated her understanding and thusly her confidence. She really loves this game now - plays futsal with high school players every Saturday night and Sundays she plays on a u16 boys rec team - along with all her travel team obligations.

    It's really great too see them break through. I would say ours were a bit late but the difference is really astounding!
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