Soccer Digest (9/85)

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    Oct 6, 2000
    Cleaning out my basement this weekend I came across the above mentioned mag. What caught my attention flipping through it was a few interesting articles, including:
    The U.S. Will Miss The World Cup-Again (M. Lewis)
    Dark Clouds Threaten College Soccer Boom
    The Uncertain Future Of Outdoor Soccer (f/Newsday)

    All were great re-reads. The last one really stood out because it discussed what went wrong in the NASL (no duh, but coming from people inside the NASL) and what the future held, suggestions for the next league, etc.

    The article concludes with one former GM saying he hopes the next league doesn't repeat the NASL's fallacy of having league games on tv in the middle of the afternoon during the summer...

    Anyways, all types of intersting quotes and stuff that I had forgotten or never knew. Like Shep Messing being described as the first player to jump from the NASL to the MISL.

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