So who would you rather play in the quarters [R]

Discussion in 'Women's International' started by Guinho, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Brazil, Norway or France (in the unlikely event they win) if you are the US. Since I think France is off the list, seeing how Norway is faring, I'm guessing that grabbing the top spot to avoid Brazil until later is now bad thing. Or perhaps it's just a matter of feeling like they'll walk over all comers, so who cares?
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    For the group B folks, I don't think it matters. However, I would rather not have to face Germany until the Final. That would only happen if we came in second in the group (with Germany winning theirs, like Arg. is going to beat them...) I don't think the US will play that way, though. We will know the outcome of the Sweden-Nigeria match by game time....:D

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