So who was Sigi scouting...

Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by Michael K., Oct 18, 2003.

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    Maryland has a number of players who could be potential MLS draft selections, including Sumed Ibrahim, Abe Thompson, Scott Buete and Clarence Goodson. I don't know about the status about some of the players in that group thinking about potentially leaving school early, but you could see those mentioned above and others on that Terps roster playing in MLS.

    I had only seen UCONN play once this season when they were at Wake Forest, and there was no one out there on that day who I would think would merit attention from MLS. Cuellar was a shadow of the player he was as a freshman.
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    call ahead

    I don't dispute the names you suggest but Sigi should have called ahead if he was there to see Goodson or Thompson since neither was scheduled to play. Goodson had to sit out with yellow card points and Thompson has problems with his feet.
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    Maybe Sigi is looking to get even more defenders to add to the Galaxy roster.

    He wants to have the deepest defense ever with Bo, Califf, Lalas, Marshall, Suarez, Lewis, S. Thompson and add Stamler and Goodson!

    Sure, they won't hav any midfield to create chances for their forwards, but hey, they'll have lots of depth in defense!

    In all seriousness, if I had to guess who LA was scouting, I'd say it was Scott Buete. He's a solid two-way defensive mid and, as Galaxy fans can tell you, neither Simon Elliott nor Pete Vagenas have had the greatest of years this season. They have Jesus Ochoa as a backup but if Sigi opts to get rid of (or eat) Elliott or Vagenas and promote Ochoa to a starter, he'll need a solid packup.

    Also, the Galaxy need a playmaker so maybe he was checking out Sumed or UConn's Andres Rota to see if either could fit the bill in MLS. It's doubtful either can but it's Sigi's job to check just to be sure.

    Or, maybe Sigi was scouting Cesar Cuellar to bring to the Galaxy, that way Sigi wouldn't be the only lard ass in the lockerroom.

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    Funniest thing ever posted by Sandon...

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