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Discussion in 'Premier League: News and Analysis' started by ziggy1959, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Nov 14, 2003
    Guys I am biased ok I'm a leeds supporter .But hell would this latest farce have happened to a player from other clubs esp those dressed in red shirts????
    ok he was stupid to throw it back but it was a PLASTIC bottle and he apologised.The girl fan it hit was up front n said that was the end of the matter. The FA decided that was that too!. But NO the police decide to act ages later hmmmmmm if i was paranoid id say others could be behind it but again maybe i've seen too many hollywood movies.

    We deserve a LOT n more of the crap press we get but hell the press love it too.I see the tabloid impartial journos(HA HA) like d.mirrors Reade/Holt man u n liverpool fans really go on about all clubs but never bad word about their own :))))
    And a message to all non arsenal/man u/chelsea fans your dreaming guys if you think u can shift what has now become a holty trinity.Newcastle is a rollercoaster/liverpool still run like its 1935 family club with houllier saying each result is the turning of a corner.etc etc.
    Wake up n smell the coffee Sir Bollox was over in usa promoting n talking of chinese players=MONEY.Ferdinands case still not heard ,theyll drag it out till its a cold issue n meaningless.Bet u if he was still at leeds hed have gotten a ban 12 hrs later. AAAAAAh Im cynical then again its become a cynical passionless game hasnt it.
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    he'll probably just get a formal warning or something like that. That's what Jamie Carragher got for throwning a pound coin into the fans of the other team.

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