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    Jul 26, 1999
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    For those who care it's now being released in the US. Diageo-Guinness USA has terminated it's contract with Bass (now taken up by Belgian giant Interbrew), which will now allow them to bring in the Irish red ale. Fado's on F Street NW (near MCI Center) has it on draft.

    Personally I'm not overawed by Smithwicks (give me a Biddy Early Red everytime), but I know it's tremendously popular with many folks. It's the number 1 question asked of beer author Michael Jackson.
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    Yeah, I think they rolled it out in about 12 Irish pubs in the US yesterday -- it was actually supposed to have been done 2 weeks ago. I was Ireland's 4 Courts last night, where it was $3 for an imperial pint. All the Irish guys on our team (aptly named "Ireland's 4 Courts") have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Not bad, I'd order it again over most beers that are commonly available around here. Certainly jumps up high on my list of draft beers available on tap at the Courts as an alternative to Guiness.
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