Slovan Liberec - Milan [R]

Discussion in 'AC Milan' started by SueB, Aug 29, 2002.

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    Milan loses 2-1 but did just enough on aggregate, advancing on away goals.

    I watched the game last night. Milan was EXCELLENT in the first half. The Czechs had a few good chances early, but after Milan went ahead 1-0, if was like keep-away. Very quick one-touch passing among Pirlo, Rui Costa, Seedorf and the forwards. I really liked the midfield alignment - very offensive with only Gattuso not an attacking type.

    But the defense failed, as has been mentioned in the other thread, giving up a soft goal just as soon as the second half started and Milan sort of lost their confidence. The second half was pretty ugly. Liberec got the winner with 3 minutes left, leaving Milan to endure 6 minutes of misery before the final whistle.

    For the first time, both Italian teams survive qualification, but I'm not terribly optimistic about any better success than the past few years, especially if the championship continues to be delayed.
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