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    Took this from the Colorado RTD people. they offer a shuttle for a couple of their pro teams, maybe something worth looking inot FO ?

    BroncosRide (Roundtrip)
    On the BroncosRide, game day traffic and parking are never a problem when you take RTD. We provide service to all preseason home games from several locations across town.

    Federal Shuttle/Market Street Station Shuttle Cash $3.00
    park-n-Ride Bus Service Cash $8.00
    Federal/Market Street Station Shuttle Pass $21.00
    ForwardPass (park-n-Ride Bus Service) $56.00

    Want a smooth, comfortable game-day trip to Folsom Field at the University of Colorado in Boulder? Take Buffride from several locations to save money, time, and hassles.

    Boulder Buff Shuttle Cash $3.00
    park-n-Ride Bus Service Cash $6.00

    RockiesRide (One-way)
    RockiesRide is fast and convenient, making it the best way to get from several suburban locations to all Colorado Rockies' home games at Coors Field in LoDo.

    park-n-Ride Bus Service Cash (One-way) $3.00
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    a shuttle could be set up for both G games and Chivas games that goes from the artesia transit center to the home depot center. people can get from downtown to the artesia transit center via the 550 which stops at every stop on the 110 busway stations. to bad there isnt a train the goes from San pedro to LA that stops the homedepot center. I one day wish we had public transportation like this guys plan below it includes a stop at the home depot center [​IMG]
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    Hopefully someday. I think they could just have a shuttle from the nearest Blue Line station to the HDC for now. Or form Union Station if you want a more central location, although that ride would take longer. They have a free shuttle from the Green Line to LAX but I hear hardly anyone rides it.

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