"Shrader: Success is a team effort" (Monday, 7/11/05)

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by Goodsport, Jul 11, 2005.

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    How lucky are we to have these guys?

    Yeesh, I wish general sports fans and media around here could click with MLS because we have had such an amazing thing here for five consecutive seasons now.
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    "In the end it comes down to camaraderie," Robinson said. "If you look at the players they've brought in year in and year out, since Frank Yallop and Dominic Kinnear have been here, they're not just good players, they're good people."

    This is KEY!

    "Dominic has put together a great team," said Brian Mullan. "The players not only have skill but they really want to win and they really want to work hard to win. I love playing here. I wouldn't want to play for another coach."

    A very telling statement, indeed....
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    I was about to lift the same B. Mullan quote because that really struck me--especially after the rough start this year and all the grief we gave Dom on these boards. Nice to know which way the wind blows as far as the players are concerned. :)

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