Review: Should we get rid of or keep the FA cup

Discussion in 'Cups & Competitions' started by NavyVet, Mar 28, 2022.


Should we keep the FA CUP

  1. Yes keep it

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  2. No the EPL season is already long as is.

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  1. NavyVet

    NavyVet Member

    Bayern München
    Mar 1, 2022
    I will present a poll question to all of my fellow EPL fans here. Should we keep or get rid of the FA cup? I think that EPL players play too many games in the long EPL season. By adding another cup to it, you are just adding more games and shortening player's career. You guys know I'm a Die Mannschaft fan but I have family in the UK so I follow the English National team. Heaven forbid a key player like Raheem Sterling picks up an injury because Man City was playing team x in the FA cup. Now England is without Raheem Sterling so you can kiss the World Cup goodbye.

    Another point, I follow Arsenal so I will use them as an example. Arsen Wenger won two FA cups but Arsenal fans did not care because he did not win an EPL title in 14 years. It's really good for the newly promoted clubs or the smaller clubs to have a chance to beat the big boy but it's not worth all of the injury risks and players getting injured. Just my take.

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