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Discussion in 'Statistics and Analysis' started by zen_punter, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. zen_punter

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    Nov 8, 2003

    I've created an unique service for all UK soccer punters. I haven't found any other website providing these stats in useful and helpful-for-punters form which is the reason I did build it up.

    'Dr. Punter - Soccer shooting statistics' provides shooting statistics for English Premiership, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 -games and CUP-games (Carling CUP, FA CUP). Stats are easy to view and read, + you can view either one league at the time or use 'the team comparsion tool'. With this tool you can pick 2 different teams and compare the stats of both of them. Comparsion tool also shows you different kind of power numbers, which are automatically calculated from those shooting stats. How strong team is overly, home and away strength separated + form (last 3 games).

    To people whose bets are based on percentages this service provides great help. When comparing two teams you can get percentages for traditional 1X2, Moneyline, Handicaps, Asian handicaps, Over/Under percentages and even correct scores with one click.

    Example of Liverpool vs Man Utd for today: Utd

    This service is free and made for all punters who bet on UK soccer games.

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    Sep 13, 2000
    Interesting stuff ... so far, Tim Howard has only allowed 7 goals on 53 shots on goal (13.2%). That may suggest that defense plays a substantial role in determining a keeper's save percentage. In MLS, Howard let in 18.75% of the shots on goal he faced (18 of 96), and presumably MLS shooters aren't as good.

    While I'm on a Howard tangent, I think it's really interesting that Johnny Walker has allowed far fewer goals per game than Howard (1.02 vs 1.33), yet Howard's record was 6W-4D-3L and Walker's is 4W-5D-6L.

    The thing that's changed is that the Metros used to be an open, attacking team that allowed 7.1 shots on goal per game. With Walker, they feel the need to protect the goal more, and they only allow 4.7 shots on goal per game. Much has been made of Clint Mathis's slump, but IMO, it's more a matter of playing style.

    A couple bits of site feedback:
    1. Typo of "Strengths" :)
    2. It might be nice to include team totals as well as game-by-game shooting stats
  3. zen_punter

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    Nov 8, 2003
    Thanks for the feedback :)

    1. Typo fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
    2. Good idea! And it would not be a hard task to do. Do you mean to the 'compare teams page', something like this?

    Wins-draws-losses 9-4-0
    - home 5-2-0
    - away 4-2-0

    -- under that (numbers not real):

    Shots: 55 - 66 (avg 1,11 vs 2,22)
    - home: 55 - 66 (avg 1,11 vs 2,22)
    - away: 55 - 66 (avg 1,11 vs 2,22)

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