shock between the arbitrator and spain player?

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    Feb 8, 2018
    hi all fans of spanish football

    big sorry i didn't know where post this..

    i search the match on spain euro 2008 or spain world cup 2010 (perhaps euro 2012?) where there was a shock between a spain player (or opponent) and the arbitrator...
    there was a shock with the knee...and fall i believe...near of surface to repair i believe...i didnt memory exactly.

    do you know what is the match? and where do i find the match or the extract?

    i can pay to have this...

    big thanks
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    "A shock" between a Spain player or opponent and the referee... "a shock with the knee"... "near of surface to repair"?
    I do not fully understand?

    Are you referring to 2010 Spain v Chile and Fernando Torres getting tripped by Marco Estrada which resulted in Estrada's second yellow card.

    Many people believe Torres dived but a close look at the replay shows Estrada stumbling slightly as they crossed paths, suggesting that contact was made.
    Did Estrada deserve a yellow card?
    He was already on a yellow card (21st minute) and shortly after (26th minute) Iniesta broke away in midfield and was caught from behind by Estrada who should have been sent off then and there. The referee did nothing but probably kept Estrada on a very short leash and when he saw Estrada's knee clip Torres' leg he was gone.
  3. fabricebaron2000

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    Feb 8, 2018
    No , a shock/hit/ impact involuntary between the referee and a player...during a match of spain.
  4. fabricebaron2000

    fabricebaron2000 New Member

    Feb 8, 2018

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