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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by GIO17, Jun 29, 2005.

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    I know me and a couple of other posters have been wondering about a:



    I hope Bradley gives this or some variation of this a decent try.

    The other point I share with Shep is the last bit: before they fell apart in the end, my thoughts were that Metro can play with NE and boy, what a tasty playoff matchup this could turn out to be. I think with everyone healthy that's still true.
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    From Shep Messing's piece: Perhaps with Ante Razov healthy, Galvan Rey playing off of him and Youri Djorkaeff a little more withdrawn (this was not a quality game by Djorkaeff), the MetroStars will have more than adequate play in the attacking third.


    This is a long, tough season during the brutal summer months. Players like Razov, Djorkaeff, Agoos and Meola would be wonderful leaders to have at crunch time, if they are healthy. I think the MetroStars showed in New England that they have enough talent to get to part of the season where the games count -- that's playoff time.

    I pretty much agree with everything Shep said, but especially with the advisability of having Djorkaeff withdrawn more. I'd like to see Real Ray's suggestion (as I've posted elsewhere) tried in an actual game. With Guevara either at Left-midfield or, probably even better, at D-mid (where he'd get more touches), and Gaven out right, that's potentially a better all-round attack than any other in MLS. If Guevara at D-mid, we could try Ward or Lisi at Left-mid. Don't get me wrong--Guevara's a very good A-mid, but Djorkaeff is probably a tad bit better.
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    Shep is "spot on".

    There were many more positives to have come out of the NE game than negatives. But, BS is chock full of critics. So, it appeared that the positives were going to be ignored by those on this board. Thanks Shep for reminding us that the attack looked terrific. It shouldn't be too difficult to fix the mistakes in the back as, by and large, they have been fairly consistent all season.

    It is much more difficult to develop a good attack than to conjure up a good defense. The talent on display vs NE was uplifting. I am so glad that SGR is getting props for his good play. He really wan't all that much different last year, his supporting cast has just gotten better. In an ironic sense, this justifies Bradley's original intent in signing him.

    At the same time, we can't get too impressed by the attack until we see more of it. It did come against a NE squad that had just played on Wed.
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    Shep reminded me that it is not necessarily the results of the season that count in this league (as long as you qualify for the playoffs.) Not sure how I feel about that, but it proves MLS is truly an "American" league.

    As for his opinions, he's right as rain. I miss his game commentary during home games (since I'm in the stadium.)
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    "Johnston was immediately pointing to his head, urging the team to be smart"

    This is something evidently that Arena started to help the player remember not to relax after scoring. Bradley does it, now Johson does it, coach of Chocago does it he was an assistant to Bruce, probably that Mooch guy does it and who knows how many more also do it.

    It is actually a good idea. I am sure a billion youth coaches do it after seeing all of them do it.

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