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Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by RalleeMonkey, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. RalleeMonkey

    RalleeMonkey Member+

    Aug 30, 2004
    I'm really liking Salazar as the pbp guy. He is keeping the discussion on the match, and what is actually happening in the match at that moment. It's fantastic.

    Dark and Foudy talk about anything *but* the match. It's like listening to a podcast, or two people at a bar with the game on in the background.

    Kudo's to Seb. (and, I don't like him on ESPNFC. He's kind of douche. But, he's fantastic at pbp).
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  2. L'orange

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    Jul 20, 2017
    I think he's pretty solid but I can't stand his goal calls, which seems like a cheap imitation of the annoying Latin announcer who's made a name for himself with his ridiculous, loud "GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL" calls for years. Salazer does a little bit of the same thing--but not as extreme. I, for one, don't need loud, overbearing theatrics when the ball goes into the net. Some excitement, yes--but not screaming and theatrics.
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  3. FanOfFutbol

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    May 4, 2002
    There are no absolutely no US soccer PBP announcers that call a match coherently. The color commentators are even worse. They all spend so much time talking about side issues and personalities that they seem to forget there is a match happening at all. Many also have no idea of the actual laws of the game and make stuff up to cover for their lack of knowledge.

    Salazar is no worse than the others but he is not really any worse either.

    Fortunately my TV (actually my sound system) has a volume control and I can use it and a few other controls to adjust the sound so that I can barely hear the banality of the announcers and the stadium sounds still come through. And if I need some good commentary I can stream some Europe matches or some EPL matches.
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  4. Bob Lamm

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    Mar 7, 2016
    New York City
    Imitating the broadcaster who does that famous long GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL call is really embarrassing.
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  5. FanOfFutbol

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    May 4, 2002
    It could be much worse. He could have chosen to chant, "It's in the net, It's in the net" over and over.
  6. RalleeMonkey

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    Aug 30, 2004
    It's not "that broadcaster", it's basically all latino broadcasters. It's a cultural thing. And, since a large part of the soccer audience in the U.S. is latino, I think it's a positive to have a latino pbp guy (especially one that is so pro-U.S.). Imo, he cuts a happy medium between the latino announcer hyperbole and U.S. announcer apathy.

    On that note, U.S. soccer announcers have to be the most lethargic announcers regarding a score in comparison to any group of announcers in the world. And, I include Darke in that group. It's often like the goal interrupted their deep thoughts on the world at large.

    Anyway, I think Salazar is a big step up from Darke, and he makes Foudy better too.
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  7. zdravstvuyte

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    Aston Villa
    United States
    Jul 26, 2018
    I love Darke and Foudy.
    I know they blather on about stuff but when it comes to the crucial action Ian is on it.
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  8. McSkillz

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    UCLA Bruins
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    Nov 22, 2014
    Los Angeles
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I love Ian Darke, I hope he wasn’t permanently replaced, something about an old white British football fan that actually seems interested in the women’s game.
  9. jnielsen

    jnielsen Member

    May 12, 2012
    Manchester United FC
    Salazar's excitement sometimes seems forced, but I do like his goal calls. He's slightly better than most American announcers who have diarrhea of the mouth.
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  10. RalleeMonkey

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    Aug 30, 2004
    The time for OWG's has passed.
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  11. FanOfFutbol

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    May 4, 2002
    I might be somewhere near my "sell by" date but my time has NOT, hopefully, passed. I really hope I have several years left. ;):rolleyes::D:devilish:
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