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    just thought this would be a good way to say goodbye to the team and close the book. I know this might not be the best time to start this thread seeing as how everyone is starting threads in the last few days, but here goes....

    Just wanted everyone to share their personal Burn memories, of what you remembered over the years and what was special to me...

    1996 (at the tender age of 10 and 11)- My first Burn game on May 23, 1996 against Tampa Bay. We lost 1-0 on a Lassiter goal. Also remember being at the Mexico-Bolivia/Burn-Clash double header in the summer...we were on a losing streak and San Jose were the suck of the league. They scored frist and we were left thinking 'here we go again' but Hugo Sanchez to the rescue with an amazing bicylce kick to level the score and inspire the team to a 4-1 victory. The KC series was heartbreaking, after looking like we were going to win game 1 in Arrowhead they come from behind and win. Went to game 2 which we won 2-0, then remember listening to game 3 on the radio, losing in a shootout.

    1997- Alian Sutter and Damian tearing it up. Beating LA in the conferance semi-finals and somehow losing to the cRapids in the finals. Winning the open cup, seeing it at the FO and getting to touch a piece of American Sports history.

    1998- Nothing too proud happened this year

    1999- watching Kreis tear it up week in and week out. The emergance of Graziani. Went to game 1 of the Chicago series, where we won 2-1, remember watching in disgust the game 2 where we got our ass handed to us 4-0 and lost Brandon to the scum known as Dema. Remember coming home Wednesday night to find us down 2 goals only to watch them come back in the greatest ever MLS game. The LA series was a nail-bitter too, soo close.

    2000- Who could forget Mathis scoring 5 on us? I went to game 2 of our series with NY, to see us lose narrowly 2-1, with 2 goals from you know who. My hatred for the Metroscum was at large back then,

    2001- So many ups and downs, I actually only attended 2 games that year, both losses, 1-0 to the cRapids and 2-1 the Columbus. We weren't much better than 2004 back then either.

    2002- ahh the glory days, at least for me they were, seeing the emergance of ROB. Jason scoring like crazy. Rhine actually being productive. The ultimate 3 games in 5 days screw job from MLS which led to our ultimate demise, losing to the cRapids yet again in a series we were by far the better side in.

    and the rest is the rest, made many new friends this year in the Inferno.
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    2003- April 12 vs LA Gals: My first ever professional soccer game and my first Burn game. ROB scored less than five minutes into the game.
    May 31- Seeing the Burn win for the first time since I joined.. 3-2 over DC United.
    July 19- being recruited by Heather Johnson (thanks Heather!) to sit with the Inferno
    August- attended first WP at Puglsley's. Food okay, service not
    Sept. 20- the 2-0 win over Chicago Fire. I remember giving Fire keeper Zach Thornton hell throughout the game
    Oct. 25- Final game at Southlake.. 4-3 win over the cRapids

    Nov. 2 - don't know if this counts... attending my first ever U.S. Women's Nat game, sitting with fellow Infernites. First soccer game at the Cotton Bowl. We beat Mexico 3-1.
    April 3- the long awaited 2004 opener.. first time to see Dallas play in the Cotton Bowl. 1-1 tie versus Colorado. Thought the "half a man!" chant for
    John Spencer was hilarous.
    April 28 - US men friendly vs Mexico. 1st time to see Men nats in person. Sat with Sam's Army and fellow infernites. 1-0 to the USA at the last minute. Now have 2 caps with Sam's Army and hope to add more.
    Summer open cup games: 2-0 against Virgina Beach and 3-0 against cRapids.
    FO meeting - was impressed by FO meeting with us. I had never known a pro sports team to meet with supporter groups.
    July 24 - 5-1 against Adunited. Disappointed that Dema "Legbreaker" Kovalenko could not play.
    Aug. 28- 4-1 win against Fire in Brimstone cup. Great tailgate before game, loved seeing the Fire ball set on fire and drinking from the Cup
    Sept. 18 - great to see us beat LA 2-0
    Sept. 25- loved hanging out with everybody at TH, on DART and in the fair before the game.
    Oct. 16- See sept 25. Sad to see us miss the playoffs as result of a 2-2 draw with San Jose and to leave the CB and the Burn namesake as we move toward Frisco and FC Dallas
    May-Oct- every WP at SC. Great atmosphere, food and wait staff

    Memories that I will not forget for the rest of my life and many,many more to come! thanks everybody
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    Ryan... don't think I didn't catch that nice little comment about Rhine! :rolleyes:

    Seeing as this was my first season, my favorite memories are being with The Posse and screaming our heads off. Ooh, JK breaking the goal record was definitely a great moment to witness in person, as well. Meeting everybody in the Inferno was great, too. I was totally expecting the Inferno to be like, "WTF are you doing here? You don't know ANYTHING about soccer!" but they all welcomed me as well as every other newbie with open arms. I've met a lot of new ppl in the last six months and I can't wait to carry those new acquaintances over to Frisco.
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    1998- Moved to Ft. Worth from L.A.

    1999- First Burn game at the Cotton Bowl vs. the Revs.

    2000- Second game vs. Tampa Bay

    2001- No games (I was a late bloomer)

    2002- The World Cup inspires me to get off my a$$ and support my local team. I took about 20 people to the Crew and Quakes games at the CB, then the Metros right at the end of the season. Saw us crash out to Pablo and the Rapids in the playoffs.

    Cool things that season were meeting Cletus and Cobi Jones at post-game autograph sessions.

    2003- Became a season ticket holder. Watched everything go to hell with everyone else. At the Crew game in August I did get to go on the "field" at Southlake and kick for $1,000,000. It was from the 18 on the field turf with a ball they wouldn't even let me touch. I hit the top of the 12" hole and just missed. Oh well...

    2004- Started writing for 3rd degree (Behind Enemy Lines). Went to Jackson, MS for the preseason game against the Fire. Went to 11 regular season games plus the two Open Cup games in town. 2 Watching parties at the Stadium Cafe where Christine and I were taken in by the Inferno- great bunch of people (thanks for the hospitality Mud, Mr. & Mrs. TA, Chaz, Kevin).
    2 postgames at the Hard Rock. The one this past Saturday was the most interesting- Steve Jolley and I talked for about 30 minutes about attendance and the marketing of the team. Very eye-opening since he has perspective from 2 of the biggest markets in the League.

    I hope next season brings the results the front office wants. It goes without saying that the product on the field needs to improve, mainly in consistency I think.

    Thanks for a great few years (sorry I got to the show a little late- the old days sounded like lots of fun). See everyone in Frisco.
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    This is brain doesn't work as well as it used to.
    The "old" days were great(***see Best of Burn thread***)I must admit that the last 2 years were the best for us and yet the worst for the team.
    2003...We went to all but 1 game. Dragon Stadium is practically in our backyard and it really brought us closer to the team we had admired for so many years. We started going to training sessions atleast once a week and became life long friends with some players. DJ Countess and Jeff Cassar are truly wonderful people! They embraced our boys and made them feel like a part of the team. My husband went to some Olympic qualifying games (courtesy of DJ) and was able to see several Burn players in action. We went to LA to watch the Burn play at the HDC. DJ gave us tickets to sit in the Laker Suite with his family and took us to the Players Club after the game and my sons got to meet some LA players. We watched ROB rehab and get back to form as well as JK9. They were so strong and determined and it was amazing to watch them struggle to come back.
    2004...Went to the Chicago/Dallas game in Mississippi. We took DJ's girlfriend with us and completely surprised him :p . That game was so cool, mostly because of the enthusiastic crowd. WOW we need fans like those here! DJ rode back with us and they played FIFA soccer on playstation all the way home. It was a great way to spend my b-day!!! :)
    We went to Chicago to visit DJ and watched the Poland vs. US game at Soldier field...again an amazing atmosphere!!! We sat is a Suite next to Hristo and Nowak. My boys got to meet several NAT players.
    Went to DC to the MLS Allstar game (courtesy of JK9) ROB climbed up in the stands so we could get a picture of him. He and Cory and JK9 all came to talk to us and tell us thanks for coming to watch them.
    We again only missed 1 game and cheered our hearts out for the team. We finally joined the Inferno in Oct. after watching them from afar for all these years. We met lots of great people and had some amazing opportunities all because of the Burn!!! I will miss the Burn and the CB (except for the knife fight in the stands next to us in 97)
    I really cherish the memories and the new found friendships!!! The rebranding party was fun and is making us really excited for Frisco!!!
    So ....I raise my glass (not Busch) and say...Here's to the future FC Dallas and to our beloved Burn.
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    I remember LA breaking a road winless streak against Dallas with a kirovski double!

    you guys didn't need those three points, did you?
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    I'm surprised the old-timers aren't here in this thread.....

    1. Kissing the Dewar with Hitman in Indianapolis

    2. Praying with Hammond on Zarco's spot kick in Indianapolis

    3. Awarding the first-ever Flag of Wadeness to Leonel after the KC loss in '96

    4. Zarco's Zero-Second Miracle

    5. 1999 Game 3

    6. Haynes wiping his head with Billy Baroul....Burn 5, Gals 2, July 1996

    7. Beating Chicago

    8. Beating Chicago

    9. Beating Chicago

    10. Sounders Ride on Greyhound, USOC, Cotton Bowl, 1996, attendance=200

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    i have not been in the inferno and a rabid supporter for but a half of a season but my favorite moments had to be the open cup trip to KC and the 9-man victory over the rapids in the last second, but im sure these will be mere afterthoughts after next season
  11. MagicShotGlass

    May 4, 2004
    2002-A group in the stands discussing "highlights" with Rapids defender Rick Titus during an Open Cup game.

    2003-Upsetting Dema with Ukrainian profanity. He threw a bottle cap at someone during halftime on his way to the locker room. Then watching Mrs Pegasus rip him a new one as he butted in on her conversation.
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    Every game I have been to was great. The Burn were undefeated every game I been to unfortunately we needed a win Saturday and not a tie. (I had my memory erased after Southlake, and it is a void to me). Before Southlake, I was at Lubbock, the land of the cotton, sandstorms and the Spread offense of Mike Leach.

    This year top 5.
    5) Eddie scoring any goal.

    4) The DC Rout.

    3) On TV- watching how helpless Pat Onstad was as Simo chipped one over him beating the Quakes 2-1.

    2) Ronnie Ooooo's Nutmeg goal. How could everyone in the stadium see that coming except the defender.

    1) The 9 man win vs Colorado. Just unbelievable.
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    Bring a newbie I only have about a year and a half worth of memories.

    2003 at Sucklake - Got to go to a few times because a guy I work with had season tickets. Nick really enjoyed it but I didn't have that great of a time to be honest. I didn't know much about soccer. I remember hearing and watching the Inferno and thinking those people are crazy. I thought DJ was really cute :) and at one of the games saw Brad score and jump into the Inferno to celebrate. I thought that was so cool. He became my favorite player after that. Going out to the car during the break to down a couple beers was funny and reminded me of high school. :p

    Opening Day 2004 We had gone to a all day cookout in Deep Ellum before hand and were excited to go to the Cotton Bowl. TA sported his Burn jersey I had surprised him with earlier in the week. We stopped by the Inferno tailgate site and was first approached by Chaz. :) For the game we sat on the GA side but down a ways from the Inferno. I was a little taken back by the small crowd, terrible sound system, and failed opening ceremony. With game experiences from the AAC and Ballpark in Arlington I thought it was a joke. Good game overall and I had a good time.

    The Start of MTA Burn existanceTA went to a few games without me after the opening night game and quickly joined the Inferno. He came home from games with so much to talk about and so much excitement I decided to give it a shot.
    I'm glad I did.

    Tailgates So much fun! Salyer Sr. surprised me with a visit from BD#10 after a game. The Brimstone game was my favorite game of the year. Before, during and after. The food the people it was just a great day! I made a small comment under my breath to Janice about how "Brad really needs to give me his jersey". That ended in GE arranging for Brad to meet me at the tunnel after the game and he gave me his jersey off his back and a squeezy hug. I was flying high let me tell ya ... in case you didn't notice.

    FO/Charity EventsThe rebranding event in Frisco at the Westin was cool. It was neat to be invited to something like that. Janice surprised me AGAIN and got Brad to come over and say Hi and pose for a picture.
    I was so embarassed but glad she did. The Buca de Beppo event was super fun too. Nice to meet Haynes and chat with Quill & GE. Good food and a good cause.

    UTD Practice Having the opportunity to go to a practice on a gorgeous day was too cool. I met Buzz and Steve Davis that day and felt really cool standing there while they talked with CC. Wish I could have made it to another one.

    Fair Games Jumping on DART, having some beers at TH and taking the shuttle to the fair was great fun. Glad we got to finally take in the fair after living here in town for 6.5 years.

    What's to come Frisco is going to be so great! We are season ticket holders to something! I have been so impressed with the fan friendliness that MLS gives. I can't wait to make more memories like these!

    Man, this is a book! Hope you didn't get bored. :D
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    Aug 9, 1999
    10. Early March, 1998. The Dallas Burn’s first international competition as they faced Necaxa and Cruz Azul at the Cotton Bowl. Luis Hernandez and Alex Aguinaga beat our Burn 4-1 and 2-1, but it was so cool to see the Burn carving a little piece in the world order of soccer. The Cruz Azul game is the only home game Dallas ever played during a light snowfall.

    9. July 1996, Dallas 5 LA 2. Under the most ominous dark skies, Haynes and Elliot were on the receiving end of long pass after long pass sent through by Alvarez and putting several of them in the back of the net to seal the deal.

    8. 2002, Playoff game 1 vs. Colorado. Dallas exploded with three second half goals to put away the game. A great way to get the playoff run started.

    7. August 98, 2-0 over Metrostars. Dir decided to bolster his anemic offense by starting Kreis as a forward for the first time in his pro career. Kreis responded with a goal and he never looked back. By coincidence, this game was also the first time the Inferno moved from the corner to the sideline location that they have occupied at the Cotton Bowl ever since. For the first time ever, the drums and the chants of the Inferno were audible at my comfy seats on the Library side.

    6. 1997, Playoff game 2 versus Los Angeles 97. Dante Washington with the brace and Peinado topping it off with another as the Burn completed the sweep of the Galaxy. The future looked bright as Dallas was lining up for a MLS cup showdown with DC (which they Dallas owned that year). All they had to do was get past this Colorado which Dallas had also owned to the tune of 3 games to 1 and an aggregate score of 11-5. Damn calamari!

    5. Zarco’s last second miracle back in 98.

    4. Game 2 versus Los Angeles 99. LA could have ended the series with a victory. Hermosillo scored first. Graziani got it back. Hermosillo scored again. Graziani once again got it back with an ubelievable back heel goal. The game went to the shootouts. In the seventh round, Graziani stepped up to take the only shootout attempt he would ever take and snuck it passed Hartman to give Dallas the victory.

    3. Last home game of the 99 regular season against LA. Dallas had been routinely routed by LA in 98, and this game seemed to be headed in that direction as LA took a 3-1 lead to the half. Dallas came back with everything in the second half and scored three unanswered. Deering’s bomb that tied the game was the best goal he ever scored in a Burn uniform. Richard Farrer’s goal was a highlight reel material for the ages.

    2. US Open Cup victory 97. I lived this game on Spanish AM radio because at that point I had not discovered the greatness of satellite TV. The local Fox affiliate decided not to show the game, so there I was hanging on the updates that Andy Swift was phoning in every few minutes. The radio station did not have the broadcast rights, so they could not carry the game live. However, once the penalty kicks started, Andy’s call would have been a hall of fame candidate for BaD radio’s homer call of the week. I remember Andy saying this is not a live call we just need this one penalty, and there was a bunch of hooting and hollering in the background. We won the cup… we won the cup!!!

    1. Game 3 versus Chicago 99. 5 minutes in and Chicago was up 2-0. Dallas got one back before the half off the psycho eyed head of Deering. The second half was high intensity as Dallas tried to get the equalizer. I will never forget Daniv upending Soehn as they were going for a 50-50 ball near the center circle. Dir threw all caution to the wind by subbing in Washington and Trellez and going with a four forward line. Zarco was cool as ice as he tied the game on the pk. Before I could catch my breath, we were attacking the Chicago goal again and the ball went to the far post where Graziani one timed off the crossbar and in. What a moment. Dir carrying Pollard in his cast and crutches over to celebrate with his fans, the entire stadium jumping for joy, what a moment. I will never forget it.

    But even more than any particular moment in a game what really sticks are the memories of the style and flair of certain players. The list includes the Alvarez presence, Sutter’s eccentric number 66 and headband, Kreis’ acrobatic goal celebrations, Deering’s psycho stare, Zarco’s 1 v 1 defense, Haynes’ charisma, Graziani’s duck walk, the flailing arms of the Eck of the early years, the sweet moves and ball control of the Eck of the late years, Dodd’s in game calisthenics, Damian’s spinning whirlwind move, Washington’s tenacity, Pareja’s amazing glue-foot index control and love for the shirt, O’Brien’s wacky goal celebrations, Hugo Sanchez’s unique shoot out kicking method, and Martinez’s attacking flair.
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    I thought I'd move this to this thread.....I love this list Thanks BigNards ;)
    originally posted by BigNards on Best of Burn thread..........

    My list of the best from the Dallas Burn...A to Z...inception to date....

    Probably missed some, so help me out...

    A - Alvarez...Probably the best burn player to wear the shirt
    B - Burn...Leaving behind for FC Dallas, but lots of great memories from Islamico
    C - Cotton Bowl...Didn't appreciate it until after a year at Southlake
    D - Dodd...Great Keeper...Great Saves...In Dodd we trust
    E - Eck...Mr. Hustle
    F - Farrer...Seven Solid years
    G - Graziani...Loved the passion
    H - Haynes...Player, Coach, Great left foot...could still play
    I - Inferno...Life of the party
    J - Jeff Cassar...Great Guy...second run with the Burn
    K - Kreis...King of Goals all in a Burn Jersey...couldn't ask for much more
    L - La Raza Latina...Pasion para futbol
    M - Matt Jordon...We have had some pretty good keepers
    N - Nunez...Pick up the torch and run young man
    O - O'Brien...Hope we keep you Ronnie
    P - Pareja...Great Guy, Great Player...a true professional
    Q - Quest for the cup...Don't quit
    R - Rodriguez...Jorge was part of a great core for several years
    S - Santel...Another cog in the Wheel
    T - Toni...Big Toni...Would love to see you play when your in shape
    U - USA Nats...Current EJ, Gibbs...Past Deering, Kreis, Dodd, ???
    V - Vaca...Wish you well
    W - Washington...Some great goals for DB..1st Burn hat trick
    X - X-factors...Eric Dade, Brandon Pollard, Bobby Rhine, Antonio Martinez, ???
    Y - Y ahora es tiempo para dicen Adios por Nuestros Dallas Burn
    Z - Buzzzzzzz...3rd Degree..the glue that holds it together

    Thanks for the memories.
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    Nothing against Buzz, but this should be Z for Zarco.
  17. boomersooner027

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    ive gotta second that
  18. justscore

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    AH que pena!!! Lo siento mucho. Me falta El Zarco!!
  19. Chamo

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    Aug 9, 1999
    I guess you guys didn't read the fine print ;)
  20. justscore

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    OH crap..sux gettin old :D
  21. F.C.D.

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    Sep 2, 2004
    I think Z should be for Zarco and R should be for Rodriguez.... Esmundo Rodriguez that is. :D

    Although I'm not sure what you'd say. Thanks for nothing?
  22. Chamo

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    Aug 9, 1999
    Don't forget Washington Rodriguez. He (and Andy Swift) was responsible for Dustin's virtual nickname.

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