Serie A ratings 1929-1943

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    Rounds 23-27

    The following are the league standings after 27 rounds.


    Il Littoriale, 11.05.1931

    Juventus and Roma are dominating the league. They both won 5 out of 5 matches, playing greatly. Juventus has been more solid, Roma more spectacular. As the Littoriale states, both teams have been so good that the title “should be shared”, although Juve is favourite to win it.

    After losing to Juve, Genoa has had some good results, as well as Bologna. Napoli dropped a little bit, and Ambrosiana, although inconsistent, has played some interesting matches.
    The lesser teams are struggling a lot and their inferiority has been pointed out in almost every game.

    The worst team has been Legnano, losing 4 matches out of 5 and having probably the worst performing forward line of the season.

    Of all matches, the most interesting one, and the most praised by the press, has been Genoa – Torino 3-2, in the 27th round. Both teams gave their best, fighting openly to achieve the win, showing brilliant offensive play and good defenses as well.


    Il Corriere della Sera, 11.05.1931

    The match has been maybe the best one played on Via del Piano’s field this season. Genova responded to Torino’s technical and brilliant playing style with an equally fast and effective play, so that the match was, alongside its entire length, interesting and balanced”.

    Top 10 players - rounds 23-27
    Only players with at least 3 out of 5 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 23-27

    Provera – Vincenzi, Caligaris – Ferraris IV, Albertoni, Fantoni – Costantino, Fasanelli, Vecchina, Ferrari, Tansini

    Best coach: H. Burgess (Roma) 3,400

    The only players maintaining top XI status are Ferraris and Costantino. The fast winger has definitively settled at Roma. Orsi and Bertolini are yet again in top 20, proving to be the most consistent players this season.

    Best performer of rounds 23-27: Giovanni Vincenzi. Whenever the Napoli right-back plays, he is described as capable of “miraculous” tackles and saving goals on his own.

    In goal, many players are impressing; Casale’s Provera was instrumental in conceding fewer goals than expected. Combi has had some work to do and he did it brilliantly. After them: Rapetti, Peruchetti, Cavanna.

    The best “third lines” have been Napoli’s, with Vincenzi and Innocenti, alongside with the formidable duo of Rosetta and Caligaris at Juventus. The former has regained his form and is now shining as the composed, intelligent world-class defender he always was.

    Bertolini needs to be praised as left half, alongside with Roman duo Ferraris and Bernardini, and Genoa’s Albertoni. But the surprise has been Lazio’s new signing, the Italian-Brazilian Octávio Fantoni, who came alongside with his brother João from Paléstra Itália (now Cruzeiro).


    Il Littoriale, 27.04.1931

    Roma and Juventus’ forward lines have been stunning as a whole. Vecchina was the best centre-forward (6 goals), followed by Volk (5) and Meazza (6).

    But the top scorer of this stint was an inside-right: Fasanelli with 8 goals in 5 matches!
    The Roma player scored 5 against Livorno, this being also the best performance of rounds 23 to 27, warranting him a clear note of 5 out of 5.

    Coming to the underperforming players: Legnano’s forwards, with Ostromann (1,000), Rizzi (1,333) and Cidri (1,360); a very young Gino Colaussi (1,200), still far to be the player that will shine at the 1938 World Cup. Some of Casale’s players, and Ambrosiana’s Enrico Rivolta (1,300).

    The next one (rounds 28 to 34) will be the last stint of what has been an extremely interesting season in Italian football.

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    May 9, 2020
    Rounds 28-34

    A brief review of these final rounds, before publishing the complete overview of 1930-31 season.

    Juventus have been crowned champions after their victory over former champions Ambrosiana, in the 33rd round. The match, played in Turin, was witnessed by a huge crowd, which stepped on the field after the game to celebrate their heroes – and Ambrosiana’s goalkeeper Degani too, the man of the match!

    This final game has been, according to la Stampa, the perfect ending for this season, due to the great quality of play shown by the two rival teams.


    La Stampa, 29.06.1931

    The last round was characterized by many “unusual” defeats by the big teams (Roma, Bologna, Napoli), due mostly to the scarce effort put by their players, who had no remaining goals in the season.

    Napoli, particularly, was awful in these final matches, losing 6 out of 7 games from rounds 28 to 34. Bologna was good, scoring 6 goals for two matches in a row and crushing the future champions Juve for 4-0 at home in the 28th round.

    Brescia was the most surprising side, with their victories against Genova, Bologna, and Roma.

    Top 10 players - rounds 28-34
    Only players with at least 5 out of 7 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 28-34

    Sclavi – Zanello, Lanino – Ferraris IV, Albertoni, Fantoni II – Costantino, Giuliani, Braga, Mazzoni, Silano

    Best coach: I. Schoffer (Brescia) 2,929

    Octávio Fantoni has been the man of the match in almost every game disputed since round 28th. His superiority is unquestioned.

    Once again Ferraris and Costantino figure in the best XI. They both have maintained an excellent form throughout the entire season and especially in the second part. Orsi is still in top 20.

    The goalkeepers of both Roman clubs have been superb. Peruchetti stands in third place, but has not achieved such an average rating.

    In defence, although Vincenzi and Gilardoni have been very consistent, the best duo has been Pro Vercelli’s, with Zanello and Lanino. They have been instrumentals in three clean sheets against Modena, Brescia and Bologna, as well as the 2-2 draw against Pro Patria.

    As well as in goal, the Roman clubs dominate in midfield as well: along with Lazio’s Fantoni, D’Aquino has impressed, and Ferraris has been the best right half of this stint.

    The best forward was Silano, preventing Orsi a spot in this stint’s top 10. The crowds could witness remarkable performances by Brescia’s inside right Giuseppe Braga and Modena’s fine inside left Mazzoni. The top scorer was Reguzzoni with 6 goals in 7 games.

    Mihalich, inside left for Napoli, was the worst player of the last part of the season (1,286).
    To be noted is also the abysmal form of Genova’s entire forward line.

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    Super soon I expect the final grades for the season!
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    May 9, 2020
    I'll try to post them this weekend.
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    May 9, 2020
    SEASON REVIEW: 1930-31

    Sources: Il Corriere della Sera, Il Littoriale and La Stampa.
    Gazzetta dello Sport not available.

    Final Table


    Most goals and most assists

    Look up the 1929-1930 review for criteria explanation


    After analising all sources and all matches thoroughly, I must report a general error by Wikipedia and Calcio Serie, as well as most official statistic sources: Volk's goal tally was actually 28, not 29, and Meazza scored 25 goals (one more than the "24" reported by statistics throughout the internet). This is certain - unless all three sources are mistaken.

    It is worth noting that Meazza scored 25 goals and assisted reportedly 9 times. Even if he underperformed heavily if compared to 1929-30, with an average of 2,268 against 2,691, he managed to achieve very similar numbers in a delusional Ambrosiana side. He was terrible at the start of the season and inconsistent, but was nonetheless so influential that he took part directly in more than half of his team’s goals (31 goal contributions / 60 goals scored by Ambrosiana).

    Best defensive trio: Juventus (Combi, Rosetta, Caligaris)
    Best midfield trio: Roma (Ferraris IV / Degni, Bernardini, D’Aquino)
    Best forward line: Roma (Costantino, Fasanelli, Volk, Lombardo, Chini)

    Napoli's defensive trio (Cavanna,Vincenzi, Innocenti) is also worth mentioning.

    Surprise of the season: Modena and Brescia. The canarini (songbirds) were extraordinary in the first part, when they managed to fight point to point with the top teams. They lost their form at the end and dropped points to finish joint 10th in the league. The rondinelle (little swallows) were a constant threat to be dealt with and managed to achieve a series of great wins against greater clubs.

    Disappointment of the season: Ambrosiana, Napoli and Casale. The former champions were really inconsistent and could not regain their 1929-30 form. Napoli was terrible in the last matches, therefore “staining” their otherwise good season. Casale were very far from the glorious team that used to battle with Pro-Vercelli in the pioneer years of Italian football, and were almost relegated.

    Season review

    After Lazio’s experiment with the WM system under Pietro Piselli turned out to be disappointing, all teams adopted the traditional metodo or WW system – the same used by Pozzo’s national team to deservedly win the prestigious Central European International Cup in 1930.

    952 goals overall have been scored as opposed to the 969 of 1929-30. Nonetheless, it can be said that more teams played a more offensive kind of football this season (Roma, Modena, Bologna, Napoli, Ambrosiana). It was common practice, though, that inside forwards dropped back to help the midfield in case their team was ahead during the match; so the teams actively tried to build density in the middle and reduce spaces for the opponents.

    The 1930-31 season can be defined by the never-ending duel between Juventus and Roma. The historic 5-0 giallorossi win in Campo Testaccio could not change the fact that the bianconeri were the better team. The extraordinary performances of their rivals did not make them shiver, and they always controlled the league from the top spot, with solidity, organization and the flair of some of their players (Orsi, Vecchina, Cesarini).

    After an initial stint where several teams were on the same level – Bologna, Roma, Napoli – the Roman club standed out as Juve’s only rival. They were extraordinary going forward – having scored 87 goals – but the injury of right back De Micheli forced Ferraris to play in defense for half the season, leaving a weak spot alongside Bernardini and D’Aquino in the midfield.

    Bologna and Napoli had similar paths, but the latter dropped their form heavily in the end.
    Both teams had excellent backlines and good halves, but Napoli’s attack was the weak link if compared to Bologna’s. Fedullo’s passing game and Reguzzoni’s offensive threat, especially, made the difference.

    Genova made the signing of the year with 1930 World Cup top scorer Stábile, but he got seriously injured and couldn’t finish the season. This unfortunate event altered their plans and only Banchero and Pratto’s excellent form helped them remain between the top teams.

    We already mentioned Modena and Brescia. Lazio had ups and downs like in 1929-30, but improved greatly after the arrival of the Fantoni brothers, Octávio and João. One could say that Milan underperformed all season, but the truth is that the rossoneri were quality wise very far, in the 1930s, from the great team they would be from the 1950s onwards. When Magnozzi finally settled in, their performances improved slightly.

    Alessandria was incredibly unlucky: a series of injuries made it very hard for them to achieve consistency, and they had to play debutants in key roles for most part of the season.

    Livorno battled with Casale for relegation. Their draw against Juventus and Casale’s win against Milan condemned them to Serie B. The team proved to be too modest without their main man Magnozzi. Legnano fought with an attitude that was often praised by the media; their squad quality was, nevertheless, not good enough for Serie A.


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    May 9, 2020
    Top 50 players (ratings only)

    Only players with at least 18 league games.

    Notable players (less than 18 appearances)

    1. Octávio FANTONI 3,530 Lazio Forward 10 apps.
    2. Giuseppe GANDINI 2,955 Alessandria Forward 12 apps.
    3. Germano LANINO 2,623 Pro Vercelli Back 13 apps.
    4. Antonio MARIETTI 2,577 Napoli Goalkeeper 13 apps.
    5. Bonifacio SMERZI 2,540 Ambrosiana Goalkeeper 15 apps.
    6. Aldo PEDRAZZI 2,515 Modena Half 13 apps.
    7. Antonio BUSINI 2,508 Bologna Forward 12 apps.
    8. Juan PRATTO 2,506 Genova Back 17 apps.

    Guillermo STÁBILE obtained an average score of 2,323 in 13 matches. 5 goals, 2 assists.

    Top 5 coaches
    Coaches start to be mentioned more in newspaper articles. Particularly, the very popular Mr. Garbutt (Napoli), Carlo Carcano (Juventus), Giuseppe Forlivesi (Modena) and Gyüla Lelovics (Bologna). Tactics are analized a little bit more deeply than in the previous season.

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    May 9, 2020
    Top XI


    Top 3 players (considering avg. rating, goals, assists, and team result.

    1. Raimundo ORSI (Juventus, 3,009, 33 games, 20 goals, 16 assists, 1st place)
    2. Ezio SCLAVI (Lazio, 2,955, 33 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, 8th place)
    3. Giovanni VINCENZI (Napoli, 2,985, 0 goals, 0 assists, 6th place)

    I chose Sclavi over Vincenzi, even if they have more or less the same average, because he was Lazio’s main star and because he was tested over more games.

    Revelation player: Maggiolino MONGERO (Torino)

    Torino’s centre-half rose from anonymity and performed at a very high level for the first part of the season. His form sunk in the second part, but he managed to express himself again when he moved to right-half, after Mario Janni returned in the center.

    Top 5 per position


    1. E. Sclavi 2,955 Lazio
    2. G. Masetti 2,759 Roma
    3. A. Rotondi 2,707 Legnano
    4. G. Cavanna 2,576 Napoli
    5. G. Combi 2,571 Juventus


    1. G. Vincenzi 2,985 Napoli
    2. E. Monzeglio 2,847 Bologna
    3. M. Zanello 2,776 Pro Vercelli
    4. A. Ferraris 2,724 Roma
    5. L. Gazzari 2,687 Triestina


    1. L. Allemandi 2,804 Ambrosiana
    2. A. Pasolini 2,700 Brescia
    3. U. Caligaris 2,682 Juventus
    4. A. Perduca 2,553 Legnano
    5. P. Innocenti 2,532 Napoli


    1. A. Pitto 2,729 Bologna
    2. O. Barbieri 2,543 Genova
    3. B. Dugoni 2,506 Modena
    4. E. Boltri 2,381 Casale
    5. M. Kufersin 2,345 Triestina


    1. P. Castello 2,788 Casale
    2. F. Bernardini 2,771 Roma
    3. M. Ardissone 2,697 Pro Vercelli
    4. I. Rossi 2,650 Pro Patria
    5. M. Mongero 2,577 Torino


    1. L. Bertolini 2,869 Alessandria
    2. B. Frisoni 2,589 Genova
    3. R. D’Aquino 2,441 Roma
    4. M. Montesanto 2,256 Bologna
    5. E. Rivolta 2,230 Ambrosiana

    Outside right

    1. R. Costantino 2,494 Roma
    2. R. Cattaneo 2,459 Alessandria
    3. C. Buscaglia 2,237 Napoli
    4. P. Arcari 2,217 Milan
    5. B. Maini 2,214 Bologna

    Inside right

    1. R. Cesarini 2,559 Juventus
    2. L. Giuliani 2,419 Brescia
    3. G. Santagostino 2,338 Milan
    4. C. A. Fasanelli 2,282 Roma
    5. P. Serantoni 2,255 Ambrosiana

    Centre forward

    1. E. Banchero 2,776 Genova
    2. G. Vecchina 2,580 Juventus
    3. R. Volk 2,491 Roma
    4. S. Piola 2,481 Pro Vercelli
    5. A. Sallustro 2,479 Napoli

    Inside left

    1. F. Fedullo 2,647 Bologna
    2. A. Mazzoni 2,625 Modena
    3. M. Magnozzi 2,450 Milan
    4. G. Ferrari 2,441 Juventus
    5. N. Lombardo 2,363 Roma

    Outside left

    1. R. Orsi 3,009 Juventus
    2. C. Reguzzoni 2,554 Bologna
    3. O. Silano 2,527 Torino
    4. A. Chini Ludueña 2,509 Roma
    5. P. Ferraris 2,331 Pro Vercelli

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    Jun 18, 2012
    Hello everyone, I am the administrator of the website I have read this thread and I thank you for the compliments on the work done for the 1946/47 season. If I may I'd like to offer a suggestion to improve and refine this type of work. I tried using artificial intelligence with GPT chat, and the results were excellent in my opinion. Let me explain. For about a month, I input a series of football match reports into the chat, asking the AI to generate player ratings to "train" the chat. The correlation with reality was above 80%, and in some cases it even reached 90%. This means that the player ratings generated by the chat were 80-90% similar to those published in the newspapers.

    Encouraged by this success, I started inputting the data from the matches of the 1947/48 season. The chat has learned so well what to do that it now provides not only ratings but also evaluations. Let me show you an example. In the 8th round of the 1947/48 season, Bologna played against Torino, and the result was 1-0. I input the match report from La Gazzetta dello Sport into chatGPT, and these are the results it provided:

    Vanz: Difende la porta con sicurezza, mostrando riflessi pronti su alcune occasioni. 7.5

    Giovannini: Si mette in evidenza con una presenza avanzata, bloccando le azioni avversarie. 7

    Spadoni, Cingolani, Sarosi III, Ballacci: I difensori e i mediani hanno lavorato sodo per mantenere l'equilibrio e tenere a bada l'attacco avversario. 7

    Biavati, Arcari: Biavati ha lavorato in profondità, mentre Arcari ha mostrato flessibilità tattica, proiettandosi in avanti quando necessario. 7

    Cappello: L'eroe della giornata, sigla il gol decisivo e diventa un riferimento in avanti. 8

    Gritti: Mostra grinta e determinazione, anche se esce momentaneamente per infortunio. 7

    Taiti: Collabora in maniera efficace con gli attaccanti e contribuisce al gioco offensivo. 7

    All. Fellsner: La sua squadra si presenta ben organizzata e con un'identità chiara, superando un avversario difficile. 7.5


    Bacigalupo: Nonostante la sconfitta, ha avuto interventi salienti. Il gol subito è quasi inattaccabile. 6.5

    Ballarin, Maroso, Rigamonti, Castigliano: La difesa ha avuto dei momenti di difficoltà ma Maroso si distingue come il migliore del gruppo. 6.5

    Grezar: Non si fa notare particolarmente e soffre la pressione avversaria. 6

    Menti: Ha qualche occasione ma non riesce a concretizzare. 6

    Loik: Alcune iniziative personali ma spesso impreciso nella conclusione. 6

    Fabbian, Mazzola: Giornata offuscata, con Mazzola che non riesce a esprimersi al meglio. 5.5

    Ferraris: Non trova spazi e soluzioni efficaci. 6

    All. Erbstein: Il suo Torino appare in difficoltà e meno brillante del solito, ma non per demeriti suoi. 6

    ARBITRO: Pieri: Conduce la partita con sicurezza e decisione, anche se a tratti troppo teatrale. 6.5

    I translate:

    Vanz: Defends the goal with confidence, showing quick reflexes on several occasions. 7.5

    Giovannini: Stands out with an advanced presence, blocking the opposing actions. 7

    Spadoni, Cingolani, Sarosi III, Ballacci: The defenders and midfielders worked hard to maintain balance and fend off the opposing attack. 7

    Biavati, Arcari: Biavati worked in-depth, while Arcari showed tactical flexibility, pushing forward when necessary. 7

    Cappello: The hero of the day, he scores the decisive goal and becomes a forward reference. 8

    Gritti: Shows grit and determination, even though he temporarily goes out due to injury. 7

    Taiti: Collaborates effectively with the forwards and contributes to the offensive play. 7

    Coach Fellsner: His team appears well organized and with a clear identity, overcoming a tough opponent. 7.5


    Bacigalupo: Despite the defeat, he had notable interventions. The goal conceded is almost unassailable. 6.5

    Ballarin, Maroso, Rigamonti, Castigliano: The defense had moments of difficulty but Maroso stands out as the best of the group. 6.5

    Grezar: Doesn't particularly stand out and struggles under the opposing pressure. 6

    Menti: Has some chances but fails to capitalize. 6

    Loik: Some personal initiatives but often imprecise in the finish. 6

    Fabbian, Mazzola: Clouded day, with Mazzola unable to express himself at his best. 5.5

    Ferraris: Can't find spaces and effective solutions. 6

    Coach Erbstein: His Torino looks troubled and less brilliant than usual, but not due to his shortcomings. 6

    REFEREE: Pieri: Leads the match confidently and decisively, though at times overly theatrical. 6.5

    One last thing, entering the match reports is not done by manually typing the text. Instead, I scan the image using the Google Drive app, which accurately converts images to text. Once I copy and paste the text into chatGPT, it does the rest. I hope this information has been helpful. Best regards to everyone.
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    It is unbelievable. I'm thrilled with your work. Please continue to offer data of this kind which is very enriching, especially for those distant seasons that are so complicated to review (at least for me).
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    Please, could you put, if you calculated them, the averages of Meazza, Baloncieri and Cesarini? Thank you.
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    Great job! Please let us know when the 1947/48 season is ready!
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    This I must say is pure gold! Why not continue for 31-32 season?
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    Thank you! I will continue, it's just that I am short of time due to work. This series is gonna be long, so I'm afraid I have to ask for your patience. :)
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    For sure:

    Meazza (Ambrosiana, 2,268, 34 matches played, 25 goals, 9 reported assists, 5th place)
    Baloncieri (Torino, 2,133, 30 matches played, 4 goals, 8 reported assists, 7th place)
    Cesarini (Juventus, 2,559, 29 matches played, 8 goals, 5 reported assists, 1st place)

    Meazza played as Centre-forward, wherease Baloncieri and Cesarini mostly as inside-right.
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    May 9, 2020
    This is truly stunning. I personally prefer to read the articles myself and try to evaluate the players, since I cannot rely 100% on technology, but what you have achieved will give us a fair share of what the performances have been like throughout the whole season in a relatively short amount of time and work.
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    May 9, 2020

    Finally, after having been very busy and having worked on some side projects, I have been able to start working on the 1931-32 Serie A season. For this season, I’ll keep posting reviews every 5 rounds, as well as a team of the week for each matchday.

    The 5 rounds review will include:
    - A general overview of the league table, which teams are performing well, which poorly
    - A top 10 based on average score with a brief description
    - A top XI of the league from round 1 to current round

    Transfer window and starting grid

    Reigning champions Juventus look even stronger by the end of the transfer window.
    Their “weak link” was their half line, and the purchase of Argentine-Italian superstar Luisito Monti, as well as former Alessandria Luigi Bertolini, seem to have solved the problem.

    Their main antagonist, Roma, have not made any significant improvement to their squad.

    Bologna, instead, added a great partner to Fedullo by signing fellow Uruguayan Sansone. Pitto has been transfered to Fiorentina.

    Ambrosiana, Napoli and Milan did not renew their squads, with Ambrosiana signing a good back-up for Allemandi in former Legnano left-back Perduca. The nerazzurri are now managed by István Tóth – the former manager of Triestina. Genova, on the other hand, can now count on the talent of former Modena star Alfredo Mazzoni.

    Torino still seems to struggle letting go their glorious but aging superstars of the late 1920s. Their young players don’t seem to belong in the same class.

    One team decided to revolutionize their squad: Lazio, trained by Brazilian legend Amilcar Barbuy. The biancocelesti are now a proper “Brazilian colony”, with no less than 8 brazilians in the starting XI! Lazio’s seem to be the biggest mystery of the upcoming season: will the south-american style of football be able to work at its best in Italy?

    Maybe even more than Juventus, the “queen” of the transfer window would be newly promoted Fiorentina. Great players for each line will wear the purple shirt in 1931-32: former Triestina defender Gazzari, Pitto and Bigogno adding up to Pizziolo and Neri in midfield, and most of all, Uruguayan star striker Pedro Petrone will be the main force in attack.

    Bari is looking good too, for a newly promoted side. The rest of the lot seem to be the underdogs, with Modena looking a lot weaker without Mazzoni in their squad – same thing that happened to Livorno last season, after losing Magnozzi to Milan.

    These are the 18 teams taking part to the new Serie A season:

    Alessandria, Ambrosiana, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Casale, Fiorentina, Genova, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Modena, Napoli, Pro Patria, Pro Vercelli, Roma, Torino, Triestina.
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    May 9, 2020
    Rounds 1-5

    The following are the league standings after 5 rounds.

    Il Littoriale, 19.10.1931

    Against all odds, Juventus did not start the season very well. They won both matches at home, but were not able to go past Pro Patria and Casale away, losing in Rome on the 5th round. Roma, on the other hand, have been more consistent and find themselves in second place.

    But the main force of this season’s start has been Bologna: they have been nearly perfect, being constantly praised by the press for their cohesion under Lelovics.

    Ambrosiana looks way better with Tóth than the previous season under Weisz, with Meazza back to be a driving force.

    Casale have been a revelation, fighting on every field and looking very difficult to beat. Triestina are looking solid too.

    Torino and Napoli are performing sub-par, whereas Milan picked up from last season and still look quite weak, with their forwards being under scrutiny.

    Considering the premises, the worst team has undoubtedly been Lazio, or “Brasilazio” as the press was starting to call it. The south-american style, based on flair and passing, does not seem to work in Italy. Lazio’s struggles generated some debate on the alleged superiority of South-american football over European, with Littoriale stating – maybe prematurely – that apart from Orsi and Cesarini, none of the other south-americans playing in Italy must be considered of superior class. One must say, though, that the Brazilian national team was achieving some great results, and that the problem might just be that the players needed to adapt to Serie A. Against Casale, after having cast away the “less talented” brazilians in favour of Furlani, Pardini, Spivach and Malatesta, Lazio looked a lot better.

    One of the most interesting matches has been Ambrosiana’s striking win against Napoli (6-1), with Meazza and Serantoni back at their best, in a deja-vu of the 1929-30 title-winning season.


    Il Littoriale, 12.10.1931

    We are relieved also by seeing that Orsi’s flair – Mumo was, anyway, an exception in South America too – and Cesarini’s good performances are not so relevant as to compensate the not-at-all exceptional class of the remaining 26 South Americans that are currently playing for our teams, and that if our league didn’t distribute all the best of our local players into the 36 teams of the Divisione Nazionale (Serie A and Serie B), even the best “imported superstars” would not find any room left for them. Even more so, because for them, adapting to our league’s atmosphere and to our style of play seems so difficult, that it could very well be a real handicap. Only the future may tell us if they will be able to overcome these difficulties”.

    Top 10 players - rounds 1-5

    Only players with at least 3 out of 5 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 1-5

    Provera – Monzeglio, Gasperi – Montesanto, Castello, Pitto – Castellani, Sansone, Schiavio, Ferrari, Reguzzoni

    Best coach: G. Lelovics (Bologna) 3,200

    As often happens in Italian football in the early 1930s, back lines are the most consistent, as it is shown in the top 10 of the first 5 rounds.
    Giovanni Ferrari just missed out on the top 10 because of his sub-par performance against Roma in the 5th round. Orsi is performing well, although not like last season, and Bertolini has dropped in form. Cesarini and Monti have not been able to play consistently due to physical issues.

    Best performer of rounds 1-5: Eraldo Monzeglio. Bologna’s right back has a formidable partner in Gasperi, who follows in 2nd place. The two are now seen as the best defense duo in Italy, even more so than Rosetta-Caligaris.

    Many goalkeepers have been performing well, but none has had the opportunity to shine bright. Among the lot, Provera, Bacigalupo and De Prà have been the best. Combi is in good form, whereas Sclavi – the best goalkeeper of 1930-31 season – has made some mistakes and is not at his best.

    In defense, apart from Monzeglio and Gasperi, Genova’s Juan Pratto has been superb. With a 5 out of 5, his performance against Triestina was the best of this initial stint of the season.
    All three sources highlight his defensive masterclass, stating that he could not be passed in any way during the match.


    Il Littoriale, 12.10.1931

    (…) Exceptional and spectacular match played by Pratto, Genova’s wonderful full back.
    Today, Genova has not been invincible, but this word fits Pratto perfectly, because the wonders he showed in Montebello will remain in the memories of today’s audience for a long time.”

    One should praise Rosetta too, as well as Ambrosiana’s Perduca and Alessandria duo Lombardo-Fenoglio. Caligaris has been very good but has missed out on 2 matches due to injuries.

    As for the second lines, it’s a time for centre-halves. Casale’s Castello has been consistently among the best players every week. Baldi, Gandini and Bernardini have been amazing too. As for the great Alfredo Pitto, his departure didn’t seem to hinder Bologna – who are top of the table – but it surely did benefit Fiorentina, whether at centre-half or left-half.

    Forwards have been struggling a bit more, but not Bologna’s: Reguzzoni, Sansone, Fedullo, Schiavio are all way above average. Meazza seems to be back, as well as Torino’s Rossetti. Roma’s left winger Chini is still very consistent. Mazzoni and Magnozzi are not shining as one could have expected.

    Rossetti has scored the most goals (6), followed by Meazza, Fedullo and Esposto (4).

    As for the underperforming players, the top spot goes to two centre-forwards: Lazio’s brazilian striker Tedesco, who has been utterly terrible (0,600!), and Milan’s Pietro Pastore (former Lazio, 1,060). Lots of Modena players have been struggling too.
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    May 9, 2020
    Team of the week – Rounds 1 to 5

    Matchday 1:

    Scansetti (Pro Vercelli)

    Agosteo (Pro Patria), Monza (Pro Patria)

    Borsani (Pro Patria), Albertoni (Pro Patria), D’Aquino (Roma)

    Costantino (Roma), Esposto (Genova), Borel I (Casale), Rossetti (Torino), Chini (Roma)

    Coach: Mattea (Casale) → Casale - Ambrosiana 3-1

    Matchday 2:

    Provera (Casale)

    Monzeglio (Bologna), Gasperi (Bologna)

    Frisoni (Genova), Gandini (Alessandria), Borelli (Alessandria)

    Rossi (Pro Patria), Vojak I (Napoli), Meazza (Ambrosiana), Ferrari (Juventus), Reguzzoni (Bologna)

    Coach: Mattea (Casale) - Pro Vercelli-Casale 0-1

    Matchday 3:

    Masetti (Roma)

    Pratto (Genoa), Gasperi (Bologna)

    Pizziolo (Fiorentina), Baldi (Bologna), Pitto (Fiorentina)

    Vojak II (Napoli), Cabrini (Torino), Libonatti (Torino), Rossetti (Torino), Silano (Torino)

    Coach Lelovics (Bologna) - Bologna vs. Lazio 5-1

    Matchday 4:

    De Prà (Genova)

    Monzeglio (Bologna), Pratto (Genova)

    Martelli (Bologna), Ardissone (Pro Vercelli), Castellazzi (Ambrosiana)

    Visentin (Ambrosiana), Serantoni (Ambrosiana), Meazza (Ambrosiana), Ferrari (Juventus),
    Chini (Roma)

    Coach: Tóth (Ambrosiana) - Ambrosiana vs. Napoli 6-1

    Matchday 5:

    Combi (Juventus)

    Monzeglio (Bologna), Pratto (Genova)

    Montesanto (Bologna), Bernardini (Roma), Pasinati (Triestina)

    Arcari (Milan), Esposto (Genova), Meazza (Ambrosiana), Busini (Fiorentina), Castelli (Lazio)

    Coach. Lelovics (Bologna) - Torino vs. Bologna 1-1
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    May 9, 2020
    Rounds 1-5

    The following are the league standings after 10 rounds.


    Il Littoriale, 30.11.1931

    Bologna is still top of the table. Although they are still unbeaten, a drop in their form has been pointed out by the press. Juventus, almost never fully convinced, have managed anyway to win two crucial away matches in Bari and Trieste, and is now only one point away from the leader. Roma has suffered a series of bad results that led to the sacking of Mr. Burgess. János Baar is the new coach. Casale too dropped some points and are now mid-table.

    Torino and especially Fiorentina are doing great, but Milan has had the best form, with 4 consecutive wins. The rossoneri seem to be back at the top.

    Although they are still struggling, Lazio has been improving their performances and the press seems to have faith in their chances to recover, when the Brazilians finally adapt to the new league.

    The main candidate for “best match” of these rounds would be an iconic Alessandria – Pro Vercelli 4-5, with 4 of the whites’ goals scored by Silvio Piola.
    Nevertheless, all three sources highlight another match: Juventus’ 2-1 win against Genova. Two strong sides, a stellar defensive performance by Rosetta for Juve and by former international goalkeeper De Prà for Genova, resolved by two brilliant headers by Juve’s right winger Federico Munerati.


    La Stampa, 26.10.1931

    Top 10 players - rounds 6-10
    Only players with at least 3 out of 5 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 6-10

    De Prà – Rosetta, Pratto – Pizziolo, Castello, Pitto – Arcari, Esposto, Piola, Fedullo, Ferraris II

    Best coach: H. Felsner (Fiorentina) 3,400

    Casale has dropped some points, but its main man is playing superbly. Centre-half Piero Castello is a true leader, always pushing his team to do better, with a never-give-up attitude. His only flaw is a certain lack of flair, which he makes up for with his phenomenal strength and physical endurance.


    La Stampa, 02.11.1931

    In the Casale XI one man stands out above all: centre-half Castello. He truly is the pivot of the team. He commands the team with authority, with very good tactical awareness, he is tireless in providing service to his forwards, very useful in defense, always generous”.

    In goal, Genova’s De Prà seemed to return to the form of his glory days, before breaking his nose in the match against Bologna. His substitute, Bacigalupo, has also played very well. Casale’s Provera is keeping on with his good form. Other goalkeepers doing well are Modena’s Policaro and Bologna’s Gianni. Combi has not had too much work during Juventus’ matches and therefore does not appear in this “elite” group.

    As for the defences, lots of backs are performing strongly, but the best one is the Argentinian Pratto. Genova’s left back keeps being one of the main men in each game he plays, displaying confidence, calmness but also great personality. Rosetta is back to an excellent form, as well as Napoli’s Vincenzi. Bologna’s duo of Monzeglio and Gasperi are still very good, and Alessandria’s left back Fenoglio is impressing too.

    Centre-halves continue to thrive: after Castello, Dugoni (Modena), Alice (Bari), Gandini (Alessandria), Bernardini (Roma) are all excelling. Luisito Monti is still too “heavy” and cannot make a good impression at Juve, although his superb passing has been noted. Fiorentina’s Pitto is still the best left half in Italy. At this point, I think he is very underestimated and can be considered a “forgotten legend” for Italy. He is always very close to excellence in performances, with incredible speed and very good technical ability.

    As for the forwards, it is now clear that a star is born: Silvio Piola is displaying superb skill and everybody has eyes on him. His 4 goals against Alessandria – the last one with a stunning bycicle kick – are just the cherry on top of the cake.
    Finally, Uruguayan super star Petrone is showing his might too: his power in front of goal is allowing Fiorentina to get out on top of several matches. He and Piola lead the scoring charts of rounds 6 to 10, with 6 goals each in 5 matches.
    Milan’s Pastore, after an awful start, is starting to be back to his old self too, when he was excelling for Juventus.
    Meazza, on the other hand, has had problems with his knee, as well as fever, and the press points out his irregular form.

    Bologna’s uruguayan duo of Sansone and Fedullo dropped in form too – although Fedullo is still the best inside left of this stint. On the wings, Arcari, Pietro Ferraris and Orsi have done well. To be noted is the return of Leopoldo Conti: former Ambrosiana star shone bright in Pro Patria vs. Casale, with 3 assists.

    The best performance of rounds 6-10 is Castello’s phenomenal display against Brescia. Casale’s centre-half frustrated alone all of his rival’s hopes to get out of the match with a point. He obtains a 5 out of 5.

    Two wingers win the "title" of worst player of this stint: Triestina’s Nereo Rocco with 1,400 (future Milan star trainer) and the Argentinian Bertolo, right winger for Torino (1,500).
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    May 9, 2020
    Team of the week – Rounds 6 to 10

    Matchday 6:

    De Prà (Genova)

    Rosetta (Juventus), Pasolini (Brescia)

    Leporati (Casale), Castello (Casale), Pitto (Fiorentina)

    Munerati (Juventus), Esposto (Genova), Petrone (Fiorentina), Demaría (Ambrosiana), Ferrero (Ambrosiana)

    Coach Felsner (Fiorentina) - Fiorentina vs. Torino 4-2

    Matchday 7:

    Gianni (Bologna)

    Vincenzi (NapolI), Pratto (Genova)

    Gandini (Alessandria), Castello (Casale), Tedeschini (Modena)

    Patri (Genova), Sansone (Bologna), Piola (Pro Vercelli), Fedullo (Bologna), Ferraris II (Pro Vercelli)

    Coach Stanzel (Modena) - Modena vs. Ambrosiana 3-1

    Matchday 8:

    Provera (Casale)

    Ballerio (Bari), Pratto (Genova)

    Frisoni (Genova), Alice (Bari), Orlandini (Genova)

    Castellani (Triestina), Moretti (Milan), Libonatti (Torino), Ferrari (Juventus), Ferraris II (Pro Vercelli)

    Coach Weisz (Bari) - Bari vs. Juventus 0-1

    Matchday 9:

    Bosia (Torino)

    Monzeglio (Bologna), Fenoglio (Alessandria)

    Neri (Fiorentina), Ardissone (Pro Vercelli), Pitto (Fiorentina)

    Arcari (Milan), Fantoni I (Lazio), Piola (Pro Vercelli), Mihalich (Napoli), Ferraris II (Pro Vercelli)

    Coach Felsner (Fiorentina) - Fiorentina vs. Roma 3-1

    Matchday 10:

    Bonetti (Triestina)

    Sabbadini (Modena), Innocenti (Napoli)

    Gandini (Alessandria), Bernardini (Roma), Castellazzi (Ambrosiana)

    Conti (Pro Patria), Esposto (Genova), Pastore (Milan), Ferrari (Juventus), Orsi (Juventus)

    Coach Aliberti (Torino) - Genova vs. Torino 2-2
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    May 9, 2020
    Rounds 11-17

    The following are the league standings after 17 rounds.


    Il Littoriale, 25.01.1932

    The first part of the season comes to an end.

    Bologna is still dominating, but Juventus follow closely. They seized two crucial away wins in Firenze and Brescia, crushing Ambrosiana (6-2) in the meanwhile.

    Roma are back to their best form, with their second line playing superbly. In San Siro, they managed to end Milan’s impressive streak (7 wins and 2 draws), that had gotten the Rossoneri to the best positions in the league standings. Ambrosiana, even without Meazza (away on military duty), is holding on well with Scarone as a centre-forward.

    Torino and Fiorentina managed to stay relevant, but their form is dropping. Of the two, Torino has been more criticized by the press.

    Casale has fallen, whereas Alessandria has found their best formation (especially in midfield, with Avalle, Costenaro and Barale covering for the absent Gandini) and is shining. Disappointing form once again from Lazio, Triestina and Brescia. The latter have one of the best pair of backs in Italy in Gadaldi and Pasolini, but their forwards have been utterly terrible.

    There have not been many brilliant matches in rounds 11 to 17. In my opinion, the best one could be Ambrosiana-Inter’s 1-0 win in Genova. It has been a battle of nerves and will more than a stylish game, but both teams have given their best and all sources generally agree that the match was balanced and very emotional.


    Il Corriere della Sera, 04.01.1932

    Top 10 players - rounds 11-17
    Only players with at least 5 out of 7 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 11-17

    Combi – Vincenzi, Pratto – Avalle, Ardissone, D’Aquino – Costantino, Sansone, Schiavio, Magnozzi, Demaría

    Best coach: G. Lelovics (Bologna) 2,929

    Once again, the best players chart is dominated by centre-halves. Surprisingly, Castello is absent: the leader of the chart for rounds 6 to 10 has considerably dropped in form (2,243). Ardissone, centre-half of Castello’s rival team Pro Vercelli, tops the chart now. Argentinian-italians Monti and Volante have been very good, as well as Bernardini, Scaltriti, Dugoni, Giudicelli and Furlani.

    In goal, just out of the top 10, Combi (2,957) has been the best, followed closely by Masetti (2,943). Other notable goalkeepers have been Alessandria’s Mosele and Bari’s Bossi – the latter has now replaced Zamberletti as starter for his team.

    Vincenzi, Lombardo and Rosetta have been the best right-backs, with Pratto, Pasolini and Bonizzoni being the best left-backs. Pratto’s consistency this season has to be highlighted once again. It’s interesting that Monzeglio and Gasperi, while playing well, are considerably far from being among the best backs of this stint.

    I have already written about the centre-halves. Right-halves have been very good as well, with the return of Alessandria’s jolly Avalle being the main highlight of rounds 11 to 17.
    Generally, Roma’s half-line has been superb: Ferraris IV, Bernardini and D’Aquino are all performing at the top of their potential – D’Aquino (2,814) is the best left half of this stint.
    Luigi Bertolini – the best left half of 1929-30 and 1930-31 – is finally performing again (2,733).

    Schiavio has been both the main goalscorer (5 goals) and the best centre-forward (2,929).
    Alessandria’s first line has been on fire, with very good displays by Cattaneo, Scagliotti, Cornara and Perazzo. Milan’s Magnozzi (2,886) is finally leading its team.
    Sansone (3,283) and Fedullo (2,814) are the directors of Bologna’s forward line.
    As mentioned, Scarone (2,633) is playing as a starter for Ambrosiana, replacing Meazza, with good results.
    Lazio’s wingers are the main force of their attack; both Guarisi and Demaría are doing great.

    Ardissone offered the best performance of these rounds, obtaining a 5 out of 5 for his epic display against Genova. Pro Vercelli won 4-2, with their centre-half dominating in every aspect of the game.


    La Stampa, 25.01.1932

    Shall we really praise Ardissone once again? The “team leader” has bested himself. He played for himself and for his team; he covered for the mistakes of his teammates; he did not lose confidence when Genova seemed to be prevailing; he went box to box for 90 minutes, he longed for the battle, passed the ball with judgement, destroyed the opponents’ play with astonishing continuity”.

    Genova has the worst players of round 11 to 17: Mazzoni (1,286) has fallen from grace this season, but also new centre-half Bonilauri and the veteran inside-left Casanova (1,500) have been very poor
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    May 9, 2020
    Team of the week – Rounds 11 to 17

    Matchday 11:

    Combi (Juventus)

    Perversi (Milan), Pasolini (Brescia)

    Moroni (Milan), Bernardini (Roma), Frisoni (Genova)

    Costantino (Roma), Moretti (Milan), Libonatti (Torino), Rossetti (Torino), Ferrero (Ambrosiana)

    Coach Bánas (Milan) - Milan vs. Genova 3-0

    Matchday 12:

    Combi (Juventus)

    Rosetta (Juventus), Bonizzoni (Milan)

    Ferraris IV (Roma), Ardissone (Pro Vercelli), Pitto (Fiorentina)

    Guarisi (Lazio), Sansone (Bologna), Petrone (Fiorentina), Fedullo (Bologna), Demaría (Lazio)

    Coach Burlando (Genova) - Genova vs. Modena 4-0

    Matchday 13:

    Scansetti (Pro Vercelli)

    Monzeglio (Bologna), Gasperi (Bologna)

    Avalle (Alessandria), Scaltriti (Brescia), Paradiso (Bari)

    Benatti (Napoli), Moretti (Milan), Sallustro (Napoli), Scaramelli (Modena), Piccaluga (Modena)

    Coach Garbutt (Napoli) - Napoli vs. Genova 3-1

    Matchday 14:

    Cavanna (Napoli)

    Vincenzi (Napoli), Fenoglio (Alessandria)

    Pepe (Lazio), Bernardini (Roma), D’Aquino (Roma)

    Maini (Bologna), Sansone (Bologna), Schiavio (Bologna), Fedullo (Bologna), Orsi (Juventus)

    Coach Lelovics (Bologna) - Bologna vs. Triestina 8-0

    Matchday 15:

    Mosele (Alessandria)

    Rosetta (Juventus), Vignolini (Fiorentina)

    Martin III (Torino), Giudicelli (Torino), Janni (Torino)

    Santagostino (Pro Vercelli), Sansone (Bologna), Volk (Roma), Ferrari (Juventus), Ferraris II (Pro Vercelli)

    Coach Carcano (Juventus) - Brescia vs. Juventus 0-4

    Matchday 16:

    Bossi (Bari)

    Lombardo (Alessandria), Pratto (Genova)

    Ferraris IV (Roma), Bernardini (Roma), D’Aquino (Roma)

    Guarisi (Lazio), Sansone (Bologna), Scarone (Ambrosiana), P. Ferrari (Roma), Reguzzoni (Bologna)

    Coach Carcano (Juventus) - Juventus vs. Ambrosiana 6-2

    Matchday 17:

    Combi (Juventus)

    Vincenzi (Napoli), Pratto (Genova)

    Manzotti (Modena), Ardissone (Pro Vercelli), Bertolini (Juventus)

    Massiglia (Bari), Scagliotti (Alessandria), Pastore (Milan), Demaría (Ambrosiana), Perazzo (Alessandria)

    Coach Nagy (Pro Vercelli) - Pro Vercelli vs. Genova 4-2
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    May 9, 2020
    Rounds 18-22

    The following are the league standings after 22 rounds.


    La Stampa, 07.03.1932

    Alessandria was by far the best team during this stint, winning all games and defeating Brescia, Genova, Milan, Roma and Napoli. They are relying on an excellent defense and on the recovery of one of their leaders – Avalle. This achievement is impressive, considering that their main player and “moral leader” – centre half Gandini – is still injured.

    The distance between Bologna and Juventus remains the same. Neither of these teams is perfect – Bologna’s defense has dropped in form as has Juventus’ attack, but they are still winning points and other teams cannot reach them anymore.

    Apart from Alessandria, all the prestigious teams following these two have had their ups and downs. Roma has suffered an incredible defeat against Juventus (7-1 for the bianconeri!), a sort of revenge of the giallorossi win for 5-0 last season.

    Genova has dropped too many points despite having played relatively easy fixtures. Lazio is not regular and relies mostly on their half line and their great couple of wingers – Filó and Demaría.

    The “smaller” teams are struggling and, surprisingly, what may be the best one of them for quality of the players – that is, Brescia – lays at the bottom of the table after 4 consecutive defeats.

    In my opinion, the best match played from round 18 to 22 was Napoli’s 2-0 win against Juventus. The game was praised by the press for its very high tempo and the great individual performances of players in both teams.


    Il Littoriale, 08.02.1932

    Every football fan can agree with us: the match between Napoli and Juventus in 1931-32 was the most beautiful that the two teams have played against each other, and for sure the most entertaining, the most exciting, the most technical that was played on the Ascarelli field since at least last year. It was a match without any break”.

    Top 10 players - rounds 18-22

    Only players with at least 3 out of 5 matches played


    Top XI - Rounds 18-22

    Bonetti – Vincenzi, Fenoglio – Avalle, Castello, Barale – Cattaneo, Scagliotti, Schiavio, Marchina, Piccaluga

    Best coach: K. Stürmer (Alessandria) 3,340

    Due to Alessandria’s winning streak, the top XI is dominated by the “grays” with 6 players out of 11, as well as their coach, Stürmer.

    But the best player is Napoli’s right back Vincenzi, that came in second for rounds 11 to 17. After almost 3 seasons evaluated, I can tell that he has been criminally forgotten with the passing of the years. His rating is outstanding in every season.
    I suppose that the fact he has only 1 international appearance with Italy may be due to the following. During Vincenzi’s playing years, all of the Azzurri international left-backs were amazing “destroyers”: Caligaris, Allemandi, Gasperi. They had to be paired, then, with cultured, calm, right backs, outstanding ones as in the case of Rosetta and Monzeglio.
    In Napoli, the cultured defender was Innocenti, not Vincenzi. A full-back pair of Vincenzi and Caligaris, for example, could struggle as both players would have similar qualities.

    While Ardissone remains in the top 10, his rival Castello is back in form and is now in second place. It has been an outstanding season for both so far.

    In goal, Triestina’s Bonetti is desperately trying to save his team from relegation. Sclavi is back at the top too, with great saves for Lazio. Alessandria’s Mosele follows closely.

    We have spoken about Vincenzi and Alessandria’s pair of backs. Another pair that deserves praise is Milan’s: Perversi and Bonizzoni are helping their team maintain its high ranking in the stands. They are complimentary, Perversi being rough and fierceless, Bonizzoni calm and accurate. Monzeglio and Gasperi are still not the perfect pair of the beginning on the season, and even Rosetta had some problems.

    Apart from Castello, Ardissone, and Monti, the rest of centre-halves have performed slightly worse if compared to last stint. The best wing halves were Alessandria’s Avalle and Barale. Avalle, in particular, “wins the award” for best performance of rounds 18 to 22, with a complete performance against Napoli (4,5 out of 5).

    Schiavio is, once again, the main goalscorer of this stint (6 goals) and the best centre-forward too (3,300). He is born anew after the struggles of 1929-30 and his good, but not outstanding season, in 1930-31. Meazza, despite having suffered a pube injury, is showing his class. Cattaneo is once again the best right winger, and Alessandria’s pair of inside forwards keep him company in the best XI.

    As for the worst players: Triestina’s Rocco once again (1,200), with his teammate Castellani (1,160). Incredibly, considering his start of the season, the third worst player of rounds 18 to 22 is Italy’s future star Silvio Piola (1,250). His form has been very poor and Pro Vercelli struggles to score goals. Even Lazio’s left half Fantoni II (1,250) is a shadow of his former self. Borel (1,375) and D’Aquino (1,375) end the list of players that have fallen from grace.
  24. mksevilla

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    May 9, 2020
    Team of the week – Rounds 18 to 22

    Matchday 18:

    Sclavi (Lazio)

    Vincenzi (Napoli), Del Debbio (Lazio)

    Depetrini (Pro Vercelli), Volante (Napoli), Paradiso (Bari)

    Munerati (Juventus), Sansone (Bologna), Meazza (Ambrosiana), Galluzzi (Fiorentina), Giuliani (Bari)

    Coach Felsner (Fiorentina) - Fiorentina vs. Milan 3-0

    Matchday 19:

    Sclavi (Lazio)

    Vincenzi (Napoli), Bodini (Roma)

    Ferraris IV (Roma), Castello (Casale), Neri (Fiorentina)

    Cattaneo (Alessandria), Stella (Pro Patria), Sallustro (Napoli), Castelli (Lazio), Orsi (Juventus)

    Coach. Stürmer (Alessandria) - Alessandria vs. Genova 2-1

    Matchday 20:

    Latella (Pro Patria)

    Vincenzi (Napoli), Loschi (Triestina)

    Frisoni I (Genova), Castello (Casale), Orlandini (Genova)

    Guarisi (Lazio), Vojak (Napoli), Meazza (Ambrosiana), Castelli (Lazio), Rivolta (Ambrosiana)

    Coach Amílcar Barbuy (Lazio) - Lazio vs. Bologna 2-1

    Matchday 21:

    Combi (Juventus)

    Allemandi (Ambrosiana), Fenoglio (Alessandria)

    Pizziolo (Fiorentina), Volante (NapolI), Castellazzi (Ambrosiana)

    Gibertoni (Brescia), Mazzoni (Genova), Schiavio (Bologna), Marchina (Alessandria), Borel I (Casale)

    Coach Mattea (Casale) - Casale vs. Bari 6-2

    Matchday 22:

    Zamberletti (Bari)

    Allemandi (Ambrosiana), Bonizzoni (Milan)

    Avalle (Alessandria), Ardissone (Pro Vercelli), Castellazzi (Ambrosiana)

    Migliavacca (Casale), Scagliotti (Alessandria), Schiavio (Bologna), Ferrari (Juventus), Orsi (Juventus)

    All. C. Carcano (Juventus) - Juventus vs. Roma 7-1

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