By BIGAdmin on Feb 6, 2008 at 2:53 AM
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    Sepp Blatter Wants to Fill Out the Lineup Cards

    By BIGAdmin on Feb 6, 2008 at 2:53 AM
    A German writer once commented that Sepp Blatter "has 50 new ideas every day and 51 of them are bad."

    In an attempt, apparently, to prove the accuracy of that comment, Blatter INTENDS TO INTRODUCE LEGISLATION requiring each team to field no fewer than six players from the nation where the league is located.

    Not on the roster. On the pitch.

    This is an issue which has been widely discussed over the last six months, and has some surprising supporters, like Sir Alex. But Blatter yesterday took steps to make it a reality, and he may have the votes to do it. The 208 voting nations are likely to overwhelmingly support the proposal.

    So no longer would the rule be: "assemble the best team you can" (or "the best team you can afford"). Now putting 11 players on the field will be a legal issue. Every lineup, every substitution, every roster decision will now have to be colored as much by a player's nationality as by his skill.

    Blatter says it's a matter of "morality": "If quotas came in this would surely force clubs to see that producing decent talent in this country is better in the long term than simply buying other countries top players "

    Not surprisingly, the FA and even the EU intend to go to the mat on this one. Which means we'll see you in court.


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