Separation of Church and state?

Discussion in 'BigSoccer Polls' started by madhoman, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. vivzig

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    Oct 4, 2004
    The OC
    You're right. If you're going to cite freedom of religion, it needs to work both ways. Which means no one should be afraid of going to hell for saying his sports opinions are full of sh!t.
  2. Arsenal_fanUK

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    Jul 18, 2004
    religion is weak, stupidity. people need to get out of the dark ages and open there eyes and not just take what there mum and dad says as the fact. instead of parents jamming this sh1t into young peoples heads they shouldnt say anything and let the child one day say what he Realy thinks, coz overwise its not what the child realy thinks its what the parent thinks.

    Ofcourse if parents were not jamming this horse sh1t into the childs minds there wont be faith, which inits self means (without proof) because people who go to church need to stop and think as there eating this so called bread... what the HELL am i doing here, what a load of crap. and,..'this doesnt taste a thing like bread'

    How can people think that there was a man who walked the earth who turned water into wine? after all water is good for you and wine isnt. i hate mulsims too, why do they go around covering there faces, were they born with sheets stuck to there heads? why do they pray on a mat 3 times a day? and eat meat apart from pork?

    i dont know how people are stupid enough to think that when you die a spirit comes out of you and then you float up to the clouds were a golden gate is waiting for you to enter with elvis and mother teresa waiting by your side.

    chrisitians pray. they pray for forgivness, help, and guildance and not forgeting they pray for a bike for christmas. why do they do this when in the bible it says god cannot mess with freewill? why pray if there will not be an answer?

    and theres soo much other sh1t i can go on about but i wont apart from the whole gay marriage crap going around.

    first of all marriage is the biggest pile crap ever made up a by man, what does it mean? nothing? but although the bible is nothing more than a bed-time-moral-teaching story which was written by man, the people who some how believe, or 'think' its the word of 'GOD' which there isnt one, and christians belive God is a stupid again.

    Gay which if they believe its written by god, god says that gay is wak which confusses everything, anyway in the bible it says marriage is for a man and women to blah blah blah, and not for a man and man or women and women. otherwise it cannot be called marriage and isnt marriage.

    in some places in the u.s like texes if you were to say we evolved from other animals you would most likely be shot with an a.k. a hundred years ago teaching about the bible in schools ect would say storyz like adam and eve were true, but now because of the bones we have found this is brushed aside.....mmmm when is it going to be when all the storys in the bible are told as ballocks? none of this happened people!!! it was written by a bloke who wants the human race to live peacefully, a clever guy but somehow people who read it today think its all true. its not its just a blokes view on how we should live.

    i believe in peter pan everbody whats the diference...please tell me.
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    Mar 3, 2004
    Jeeze. If you feel like you have to talk ******** like that, take it to Politics.

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