Senate "Talkathon"

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by kwik1980, Nov 12, 2003.

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    May 27, 2003
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    If you just can't fall asleep tonight, switch on CSPAN:

    The Senate plans to be in session for 30 straight hours, from 6 tonight until midnight Friday (or late Thursday night, depending on how you look at it), basically just to yell at each other. Republicans will yell at the Democrats for holding up 4 of Bush's judicial nominees (out of 172), and the Democrats will yell about how Bush is handling, well, everything.

    Logistically, the Senate will not have all members present for the entire debate, though I would think people will stay close. CNN is describing a plan where a Republican would speak for a half hour, with a Democrat watching, and they would then reverse roles. Afterward 2 new members would take their places and the dance resumes again. There is the possibility that one party may try and force a vote through the Senate, assuming that the other party has stopped paying attention, though I'm not sure I see that happening.
  2. Ludahai

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    The problem is that the Democrats are blocking an up or down vote on the nominees. THis breaks long standing Senate practice. When the Clinton nominees were blocked, they were so blocked by actual Senate votes.
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    So did the suspension of the "two-thirds rule" in the Texas Senate, but you were cool with that.

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    31:59-Senator Lautenburg has a poster. But, wait, what is this, Tony Snow? Why is he on there?
    32:00-The minority loses time on downs.
    32:01-Senator Graham, with, surprise, surprise, a poster.
    32:03-Graham is showing signs of fatigue. He is no longer holding the microphone karoke-style.
    32:07-Graham has a new poster! With a cartoon! The Statue of Liberty Play of the Senate has been played to yawns.
    32:11-Yet another poster. This is quickly turning into a game of posters. Can the Republicans overcome "I'll be home watching the Bachelor?" It will be difficult.
    32:15-Turns out "unprecendented" means "hasn't happened before." Huh.
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    I've seen filibusters that have gone on for 5 days. This is nothing new.

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