Selling Gas Below State Minimum

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by prk166, Jun 28, 2005.

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    So why should a state regulate retail gas prices? What's the harm to consumer's if they have to spend less for gas? Does this really stop the big boys from undercutting the small players? And why does that matter?

    I'm not stating anything, just asking for the sake of conversation and curiosity.
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    I know right before Iraq part1...before the big oil companies merged..Alot of independent companies had bought tons of oil during the oil-bust...when the desert Storm came about...gas prices went to a big high...but the independents were selling below the norm...causing a Big oil company uproar...So the flexed their bull$hit and started a state by state pricing fix...

    More Oil Bull$hit...

    Around my area they have a 4 cent off Thursday...some are trying to lump that into a below State Min...

    They jack up the prices...but in reality the oil bought 6-8 months ago is the stuff going into our pumps...Oil scam at its best!


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