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    Feb 11, 2002
    Bielsa Offered New Contract

    Argentina offer Bielsa a new four-year contract

    Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa has been offered a new four-year contract, despite the country's disastrous performance in the World Cup...

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    Nat'l Team:
    New contract would run until 2006

    BUENOS AIRES -- An Argentine soccer director says that terms have finally been agreed for Marcelo Bielsa to continue as national team coach.

    Bielsa, who will keep his job despite Argentina's shock first round exit at the World Cup, has been on the point of signing a new contract for the last three weeks and has been declared the only candidate for the job.

    "We have agreed on Bielsa continuing, we just need to finish off the last few clauses," said Hector Dominguez, a member of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) committee which has been negotiating with the reclusive coach.

    Dominguez, president of first division club Gimnasia-La Plata, said that Bielsa would officially sign next week.

    His contract would be to the end of the qualifying competition for the 2006 World Cup and would automatically be extended to the tournament itself if, as expected, Argentina qualify.

    "The signature itself is not the most important thing," said Dominguez. "The relevant aspect is that we have an agreement... The key points have been settled."

    Bielsa, a brooding, eccentric figure, has been in virtual hibernation on a farm deep in the province of Santa Fe since returning from Japan.

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