Seattle fading?

Discussion in 'Seattle Sounders FC' started by sounderfan, Dec 5, 2004.

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    Who knows with these things, but certainly in the case of MLS expansion, some news would be good news. Or would it?

    A reporter for 90 minute Magazine has been in contact with me on and off since Seattle became an expansion player of some merit in May 2004.

    He's trying to set up an interview with Sounders owner/Managing Partner Adrian Hanauer re: Seattle's MLS expansion hopes/chances/progress.

    He said he believes that Hanauer is going to MLS offices at some point this off-season to meet with Garber and others.

    There has been absolutely nothing about any Seattle intentions in local or national press.

    Why do I get the feeling that when Don Garber said "Canada" is the "most likely" expansion area next time around he meant it?
    That would be Toronto, I'm quite sure.

    Then there is the league balance, which suggests that not one but TWO eastern teams might come in the next expansion round so that KC can move back to the West.


    I also wonder if expansion just might be put off until 2007.

    So where does this leave Seattle? On the outside looking in, again. The only way "in" would seem to be ala 'Checketts.' Get out the wallet and wow MLS with big bucks that they can't possibly say no to.

    Adrian Hanauer's group is passionate and well-meaning, but I don't see them plunking all 10-mil down next week and saying "we want in."

    Only the ever-quiet, ever-non-soccer-loving PAUL ALLEN has the resources to absolutely make sure it happens.

    Toronto and Rochester, next round.

    In other words, for Seattle, it just might as well be the 12th of never.
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    If we've learned one thing over the years, it's "only believe it when you see the press conference happening". That goes for Seattle, Toronto, Rochester, or anyone else.

    Until Garber's at the mike with an investor in a new expansion city, any/all cities are "in play" -- and we'll probably not know until shortly before that happens which city it is... Just my humble opinion.

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