Season 10 Pre/In/Post, September

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    Just gonna build on this and spell out my (somewhat-realistic) dream for this coming weekend, in kickoff order:
    FRI - SD beat NC (keeping things realistic, so I won't get into GD here)
    SAT - NJY draw POR (a win is definitely unrealistic)
    SAT - WAS beat HOU
    SAT - LOU draw KC
    SAT - RGN lose to ORL
    SUN - CHI lose to LA

    Which leaves the final standings as...
    1. POR (39)
    2. SD (38)
    3. RGN (37, <10 GD but not much lower)
    4. KC (37, 1 GD)
    5. HOU (33)
    6. LA (32)
    7. NC (31)
    8. CHI (30)
    9. ORL (25)
    10. WAS (22)
    11. LOU (21)
    12. NJ (13)
    SD gets as high as possible, both HOU and LA qualify, WAS ends with 1PPG.
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    Nice guy. * nods * :coffee:
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    Interesting game: Thorns v Gotham

    Thorns goal differential: +25

    Gotham goal differential: -30

    Net goal differential: 55​

    Seems like it must be an NWSL record.

    The saving grace for Gotham is that it is a home game for them.

    Maybe a trap game for the Thorns. In the NWSL, you never know! And, in soccer you never know.
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