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  1. joanofdark

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    I think perhaps Norfolk was talking more about overall player and tactical development as compared to that of Brazil and Germany. A gap that pretty much every journalist covering the WWC noticed.

    Though since Ryan's plan A, B, and C all seemed to be Wambach, I don't think that can be attributed to UNC.
  2. Norfolk

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    Mar 22, 2001
    Originally Posted by SCoach
    Let's see... former Tarheels

    Tarpley: Played little, scored nearly immediately when brought in for Norway match.

    ....Norway, 3rd place match BFD!

    O' Reily: So so tournament with a great goal to keep the US from going home in group play

    Chalupney: Many people say she had the best tourney of all the players.

    ....but she's not exactly a sophisticated player. She is a workhorse and reminds me of Paul Scholes. (thats a compliment).

    Lilly: She's 36/37... What can you say.

    Whitehill: Awful game against N. Korea, but did well in the other games, even against Brazil.

    I'd say the Heels made pretty good account of themselves.

    But the attacking players are not in the same league as the Brazilian or German forwards, and for that matter players like Kelly Smith or Christine Sinclair.
  3. soccermum

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    Sep 24, 2006
    In spite of that and not having her best tournament she still managed 3 assists and a goal. Not bad.
  4. SCoach

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    Jun 17, 2002
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    Not her fault that's when she got played. She sat on the bench nearly the entire tournament. When she got her chance, she made the most of it.

    The outside mids for Brazil weren't exactly sophisticated either. She's not flashy, just effective.

    You're right. They aren't. But those attacking players are out there. They just aren't getting their shot because we have people like Lilly taking their spot. We haven't had a good attacking center mind in AGES. Five years from now, this team will look a lot different, and will probably be fun to watch.
  5. SCoach

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    Jun 17, 2002
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    Ordinarily, I'd agree. The problem is that in tough matches, she disappears. I expect ANY player who puts on a Natl team jersey for the US to be able to produce against Nigeria. But if you're 36 and starting, you need to show you can get it done against the top teams.

    If the 36 year old and the 22 year old are similarly effective against strong teams, I'd rather be building for the future... ya know?
  6. Norfolk

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    Mar 22, 2001
    Here's a thought. Until the new league starts, would it be a good idea for the Federation to replace the regular residency camp and instead pay the players a salary while they play for the top teams in Europe. Think of the experience of playing alongside other top players, get exposed to different playing styles and conditions, different tactics, different coaches and regular games week in week out.
  7. SCoach

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    Jun 17, 2002
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    Worked for Brazil... But I have a feeling the USSF is too arrogant to use this approach. Plus, what do you do with all the national staff? What does Mr. Gold Jacket do? You can't put Jim Mike out of a job...
  8. Norfolk

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    Mar 22, 2001
    They would do what Bob Bradley does or any other national team coach, man or woman. Go around and watch the players perform and assess them. maybe Scurry would have got in plenty of games.
  9. sir711

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    Mar 27, 2003
    So great to hear...would you like to run the USSF...please
  10. Martininho

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    Feb 13, 2007
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    1) Raise them in abject, crushing poverty, with no other options.
    2) Toss them a ball.
    3) Proclaim the rules - winner gets fame and fortune in a country that worships football, loser stays here for the rest of their life.
    5) Say "go".
    4) Wait for results. ;)
  11. CAFAN

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    May 30, 2003
    So that's all the new coach has to do? Sounds easy enough :)
  12. Martininho

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    Feb 13, 2007
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    Federation. Coach picks from the survivors.
  13. PVancouver

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    Apr 1, 1999
    Do any of the Brazilian players come from less oppressive backgrounds?
  14. OMGitsKatieB

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    Nov 13, 2006
    let's get the German! haha jk
  15. htide

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    Jul 28, 2007
    interesting post on espn

    Is Greg Ryan also the technical director? This the reason we don't have Pia.
    Pia Sundhage has returned from her interview for the position as head coach for the US national team. She says to a local paper that she stressed in the talks that she is interested in a coaching position only, while US Soccer seems to want a head coach that is a technical director as well. Pia is not looking forward to that amount of administrative and organisational responsibility. "I want to do what I'm good at, work with the players on the field".
    Nerikes Allehanda: Pia vill enbart vara tränare Apr 7, 2005 @ 6:04:41 PM Events Permalink

    what the hell is a technical director???
  16. Tsunami

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    US Soccer doesn't have a definition on it's site, but there is an article about the men's team setting up that position for them:

    * * * * *
    and there is a listing of duties for US Youth Soccer:

  17. russ

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    Feb 26, 1999
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    So as the previous technical director ,he sent us on this downward spiral of tedious unskilled soccer and irrational team selection.

  18. PVancouver

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    Apr 1, 1999
    He wasn't the previous technical director, he is the current technical director. April Heinrichs was the previous coach and technical director.
  19. zhatso

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Where is Lauren Gregg? She trained and competed with the WNT from '81 to '88. And the she became the assisant coach frmo '88 to '96. She knows the game, has played at the international level, has coaching experience beside Tony DeCiccio and has written a book "The Champion Within: Training for Excellence". I vote for looking her up.

    But first we must blitz the Federation and the sponsors. I have emailed several of the sponsors asking that they pressure the Federation to spend their money better. Ryan folly has cost upward of $20 mil....shame on him.

    I also wrote the Treasurer of the USSF asking him to call for a halt to the reckless spending by demanding Ryan's resignation.

    Keep the heat on!!!!!!!!!
  20. Norfolk

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    Mar 22, 2001
    FYI, after her stint as assistant and following DeCiccio's departure, the players (several) made it very clear to the Federation that they didn't want her. They didn't think she was a good enough coach. That's why she didn't get the job. Heinrichs wasn't the first choice either ;-)
  21. Chargefan

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    Oct 9, 2003
    I don't remember it being a player request not to have her... USSOCCER was in the midst of the strike and she took a team of college players (nad Chastain) to AUstralia and won the tournament. USSOCCER did not want her to coach the team, they felt she would be like DeCiccio and side with the players in any future squabbles

    At least that is what I can recall
  22. Namdynamo

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    Jan 1, 2005
    If Ryan is the coach and the technical director, then that is a sure sign that USSF does not give a crap about US women soccer.
  23. dws3665

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    May 30, 2005
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    Tom Sermanni?

    I was very impressed with the Aussie style of play and attitude during the Cup.
  24. zhatso

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    Oct 5, 2007
    I hope you are right. Because if we are to believe the spin right now it is that Ryan and team are in a new age harmonic convergence bliss state of reconciliation with each other. Which would mean the team would rally to keep Ryan. And it is entirely possible that Federation could duck this and say...but the "team leaders" wanted Ryan to continue.

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