Russell:Bodø/Glimt - Sogndal [R]

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Deimos, Oct 26, 2003.

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    This was a must-win game for Sogndal, so naturally they get blown out 3-0.

    Russell goes 90 but no word about how he played.

    In order for Sogndal to make the UEFA Cup, they must win and Odd Grenland must lose next week, and the goal difference must go from the current minus 7 to 0.
  2. Deimos

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    Apr 23, 1999
    Louisville, KY, USA
    Russell rated a 4 by
    When the team loses 3-0 and the keeper is rated a 6 you've got to assume defensive breakdown.

    Terje Skjeldestad 6
    Robbie Russell 4
    Marco Reda 3
    Christian Kalvenes 4
    Kurt Heggestad 5
    Ousman Nyan 6
    Rune Bolseth 3
    Anders Stadheim 4
    Alexander Ødegaard 3
    Håvard Flo 4
    Kristian Ystaas 5
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    Russell:Bodø/Glimt - Sogndal

    i played against Robbie in high school and played with him a bit indoor last winter. what do people think of him? obviously he's more than good enough to play in the MLS. he's in norway cuz it's more money than MLS. i just wonder what others besides the people from our area where he grew up think of how good he is? think he could compete in the better euro leagues (england, spain,italy?)
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    I haven't seen any video of Russell play but from what I've read he had a very solid year and his play from what people have written is improving game by game. So he must have a positive upside. I think Russell would have to move to a stronger team like Lyn, Rosenborg, Stabaek, or some other Scadanavian club that competes in Europe, before attracting the interest of the top leagues. Not to mention, attract the interest of the Nats but if he keeps improving you never know. I hope he pans out.
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    Re: Russell:Bodø/Glimt - Sogndal

    my brother-in-law plays for Lyn and he has told me several times he thinks russell is one of the two best right backs in the norwegian league. he has been very impressed with his play the last two years. my brother-in-law said that most folks around the tippeligen think very highly of russell.

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