Running and Cardio - yay or nay?

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    My DD is in mediocre cardiovascular shape, compared to most of her soccer teammates….they all run XC or play basketball, whereas she does not. When they used to run laps after practice with her old club, she’d finish toward the last 1/3 of the pack, despite being the fastest girl on the team.

    She can play soccer all day however, in all kinds of conditions, because she has learned the flow of the game, and subsequently, how to pace herself. Soccer is not a marathon.
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    If she is on a realistic soccer schedule than she wlll be fine. These "tournaments" break down the best soccer players physically. 4 games in 2 days is unrealistic. Our best player is done after 1.5 games. That's when coaching and backups come in. Everything about youth soccer in America currently does nothing to promote the best soccer players. It does everything to promote the best athletes with a lot of money.

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