Rugby 7 World Series [R]

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    last season, they won the last round in London. It was not a big surprise, givem the US have been improving in recent years. This season, the United States are now third after two rounds. In Dubai, they beat South Africa and New Zealand twice. Last weekend in Cape Town, they again beat New Zealand, but they should have done better. They could have gone all the way to the Final.

    The US suddenly became very good in the 7's becasue ex-American football players decided to play the game. Carlin Isles and Perry Barker are too fast for Rugby 7, a sport about speed. I thought Isles was not particilar good, but when he got opened space, he is the fastest rugby player in the world. Perry who played in Arena football is probably better. The 7 game is now an Olympic sport. After Rio 2016, several NFL players would suddenly find out about the sport and want to realize their Olympic dream. The US don't need Odell Beckham or Adrian Peterson to turn to Rugby 7. They only need to find a few more Barkers. With due respect, Barker quickly became a star in the 7's game. I can imagine a few more NFL journeymen turning up for the sport.

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