Rubens Junior back with Porto

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Portoholic, Nov 9, 2004.

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    With Ricardo Costa now also injured, Porto had no choice. What's interesting is word that Leandro from Cruzeiro might be acquired next tranfer window. Here's the article:

    Rubens Junior...back again!
    After a long time without seeing Rubens Junior, he's back!

    He played for two season with Porto with Fernando Santos in charge, bue the left defender started to have many muscular problems, and from then on, he wasn't an option. To worsen his cause in Portugal, his personal life got tangled up into mess with sexual assult charges, and that is when he left back to Brasil for a season.

    In his return to Portugal, he wasn't in Jose Mourinho's options, so Porto loaned him out to Guimaraes, where again he had difficulties proving himself to be a competative player.

    He is currently practicing with the FC Porto B squad before the markets open up to make a deal to send him off. The problem is that Porto will be breaking the year of a contract he Junior has left with Porto.

    Because of many injuries to this start of the year, Rubens has been called up over Mario Silva and Fredrik Sunderstrom to act as a back-up to Areias now that Ricardo Costa has added himself to the injured list along with Nuno Valente, Hugo Leal, and Luis Fabiano.

    We beileve Rubens Junior is just a quick fix to the left side of defense that is a misery with so many injuries. Nuno Valente hasn't even played in a super Liga match, while it's unknown the severity of Ricardo Costa's injury. Areiras in the mean time played excellent against Sporting with a broken nose.

    When the market opens up again, expect Pinto da Costa to chase after a left defender, and it will probably be Leandro from Cruzeiro.
    09 Nov 2004 by Dani
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    Rubens Junior cost us 3 million US$, he made some good games but then he had several problems and now after buying and selling the best left defender on the Superliga (Rossato) who would tought we will get desperate...
    PdC wants anotehr left defender how stupid can he be?!
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures... ;) Hey, do you guys want Rui Jorge back? I would do a Rui Jorge for anyone-on-Porto swap - let me know. :p
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    Rubens Junior is miles better than Rui Jorge
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