Ronaldo Ready To Pay Part Of Milan Move?

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    Ronaldo Ready To Pay Part Of Milan Move?

    Ronaldo may still be a Real Madrid player and Capello may have said that he could still use the number 9, Ronaldo is reported to be ready to pay his way out of the White House and into the ranks of AC Milan.

    The striker feels that he has been totally undermined by Ramón Calderón and Capello, feeling the double-barrelled attacks he’s been suffering from both are the final straw after last year’s merciless ribbing by fans about his weight.
    Spanish daily ‘Marca’ claims Italian sources that have confirmed that Ronaldo is even ready to dig deep into his own pockets to escape from Real Madrid and into another top European club where he could still hope to jockey for a Champions League he’s never won.

    According to these reports the Fenômeno may be seriously considering coughing up a phenomenal 5 million Euros to sweeten the 4-million offer that Milan made and approach the 10 million mark that pundits are claiming to be the base for a successful deal.

    The striker is still under contract with Real Madrid until the 30th of June 2008, so the remaining 18 months of his contract could see him bag 12 million Euros. Given the fact that his current Merengue deal splits his 11-million yearly advertising revenue 50/50 this is an option.

    If followed, this path would see Ronaldo accept a similar salary deal from the Rossoneri but his new home would be willing to let him keep his advertising rights intact, therefore meaning that Milan would effectively be paying the extra 5 million, although Ronaldo would hand it over.

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