Romario is the best striker ever imo

Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by SectionX, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. SectionX

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    May 27, 2004
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    screw Pele, screw Ronaldo, screw Ronaldinho or whatever. No one dominated as much as Romario did in World Cup 1994. He is the greatest player and goal scorer I ever seen.

    Romario forever.
  2. impalemeplz

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    Jul 7, 2004
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    i would almost agree if he was a harder worker.
  3. Teso Dos Bichos

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Der Bomber mocks you.
  4. Neutral2

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    Apr 30, 2006
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    he didnt finish half as good as the bomber.
  5. bosterosoy

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    Jan 22, 2007
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    what a joke
  6. sidis

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    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    He is the player with more goals in official professional competitons, in all time.

    Romário: 740 goals
    Pelé: 720

    pele and many others was a most complete player th Romário.

    But scoring, he is incomparable.

    Personal Titles:
    * South American championship (U 20): 1985
    * Rio state league's top scorer: 1986, 1987, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 (all time record)
    * Olympic Games's top scorer: 1988
    * Dutch league's top scorer: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
    * Dutch Cup's top scorer: 1989, 1990
    * European Champions League's top scorer: 1990, 1993
    * Spanish league's top scorer: 1994
    * The best South American top player of the Spanish league (EFE trophy): 1994
    * World Cup's top player: 1994
    * Onze d'Or (top player of the year for the Onze Mondial French newspaper): 1994
    * FIFA Top player: 1994
    * Confederations Cup's top scorer: 1997
    * Rio-São Paulo tournament's top scorer: 1997, 2000
    * Brazilian Cup's top scorer: 1998, 1999
    * Copa Mercosul's top scorer: 1999, 2000
    * João Havelange's top scorer: 2000
    * Top player of the Intercontinental Cup's final: 2000
    * Brazilian Bola de Prata (Placar): 2000
    * El Pais newspaper (top player): 2000
    * Brazilian league's top scorer: 2001, 2005
  7. ClancyG

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Romario is one of the best strikers ever, but probably not the best. Muller, Puskas, Kempes and Pele are better. I would say that Romario is class, and his record speaks for itself.... but vs. Pele? No way...
  8. bosterosoy

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    Jan 22, 2007
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    Muller scored 735 goals in 793 games

    how long did it take Romario to get to 740?
  9. JRedknapp11

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    Dec 5, 2001
    Puskas by far
  10. sidis

    sidis Member

    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    my bad, actually romario have 768 goals.

    Muller was a great scorer, obviously, but how was the average numbers of goals in Muller age and in the Romario age?

    i pick the goals per match in muller age was bigger than 3,3 and now is close to 2,5.

    1. Josef Bican (Austria, Bohemia/Moravia) 800+
    2. Romário (Brazil) 768*
    3. Pelé (Brazil) 765
    4. Gerd Müller (Germany) 735
    5. Ferenc Puskás (Hungary) 701

    * Jose bican play in 20's where games have 4+ goals per match, and soccer isn't tottaly professional yet.
  11. FARFAN 17

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    CA River Plate
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    Romario made it look better though. ;)

    He had so many moves in his "repetoir". (sp?) Little flicks, chips, and the toe ball.
  12. 621380

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    Feb 21, 2004
    you point is a bit misleading...


    romario has played 70 games with the brasilian this 70 games brasil has scored 160 goals and has conceeded 46 206 goals in 70 games....this is a goal per game ratio of 2.94.....romario has scored 55 goals , thats about 34 % of his team goals and his gpg ratio was 0.79...

    müller has played 62 games for the german this 62 games germany has scored 143 goals and has conceeded 43 186 goals in 62 games....this is a goal per game ratio of 3.00.....müller has scored 68 goals , thats about 47% of his team goals and his gpg ratio was 1.10...

    romario 7 goals in 13 copa america games...
    müller 16 goals in 12 euro/euroqualifer games(2 goals in a final)
    romario 5 goals in 8 worldcup games
    müller 14 goals in 13 worldcup games (1 goal in final+ a another wrongful recalled goal too in this final)
    romario 11 goals in 8 worldcupqualifer games
    müller 9 goals in 6 worldcupqualifer games.....


    the gpg rato rato wasnt diffrent judging both eras with the NT...but müller outshine romario in nearly everthing using the goalstatistics ...the gpg ratio difrence between müller and romario is bigger than the gpg ratio difrence between romario and michael ballack using games with the NT...
  13. sidis

    sidis Member

    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    in 1994 world cup, in brazil games was scored a total of 14 goals 2gpg.

    11 for and 3 against = 3,7 proportion.

    Romário score 3 "decisive goals", in others words, the goals scored after his goal not change the match:
    Brazil 2-0 Russia - 1st goal of Romário.
    Brazil 3-0 Cameroon - 1st goal of Romário.
    Brazil 1-1 Sweden - romário tie in the last goal.
    Brazil 1-0 Sweden - romário score the goal.

    he do the assitance to bebeto goal in usa games and the second goal against holland, but ins't a decisive goal.

    in germany 1974:

    first of all, they are playng at home.
    was scored 17 goals in west germany games. 2,42 gpg.
    12 for and 4 against. = proportion of 3.

    müller goals
    3rd against austrália, a goal with the game already won.
    2nd goal against yugoslavia, the breitner goal was the decisive goal.
    against poland, muller score his first decisive goal.
    and in the final he score a DG again.


    you need to know the circunstances of the goals too, and romário form brazil played against very dumb opponents like venezuela pré 00's, but even venezuela are toughter than Cyprus or Albania.

    By the way, i consider muller a better scorer than pelé too, even pelé being the most complete striker/attacking midfielder.
  14. Khaloisha

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    Jun 15, 2007
    TBH Marco Van Basten > Romario any day.
  15. bosterosoy

    bosterosoy New Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    In a House
  16. 621380

    621380 Member

    Feb 21, 2004
    you have put in perspective that müller has not played only at home and i havent cut it in pieces....müller has scored a lot goal in away games too..

    ignore müllers friendly games and count only müllers impact in worldcup/worldcupqualifers and eurochampionship/eurochampionship qualifers..

    ecq 1968 yugoslawia-germany 1:0 (müller broke his arm in minute 75 and leaved the field)
    ecq 1968 germany-albania 6:0 (müller,4 goals incl. gamewinner)
    ecq 1968 germany-yugoslawia 3:1 ( 1 goal müller , gamewinner, 1 goal recalled, was part of the build up first german goal)
    ecq 1968 alabania-germany 0:0(müller didnt play, this 0:0 draw was the reason germany was eliminated in the qualification)

    wcq 1970 scotland-germany 1:1 (1 goal müller, +1 goal very questionable recalled)
    wcq 1970 austria-germany 0:2(1 goal müller,gamewinner,the second goal was a austrian owngoal)
    wcq 1970 germany-austria 1:0 (1 goal müller,gamewinner)
    wcq 1970 cyprius-germany 0:1 (1 goal müller,gamewinner)
    wcq 1970 germany-cyprius 12:0 (4 goals müller ,inlusive gamewinner)
    wcq 1970 germany-scotland 3:2(1 goal müller)

    wc 1970 in mexiko
    germany-marokko 2:1 (1 goal müller,gamewinner,1 assist)
    germany-bulgaria 5:2 (3 goals,inclusive the gamewinner,1 assist)
    germany-peru 3:1 (3 goals müller , inclusive the gamewinner)
    germany-england 3:2 (1 goal müller, gamewinner)
    germany-italy 3:4 (2 goals müller, beckenbauer playing extratime his arm in a sling, where was one of the reason of the defeat..)
    germany-uruquay 1:0 (müller has assistet the 1:0 gamewinner)

    ecq 1972 germany-turkey 1:1 (müller 1 goal)
    ecq 1972 turkey-germany 0:3 (2 goals müller, inclusive gamewinner)
    ecq 1972 albania-germany 0:1 ( 1 goal müller, gamewinner)
    ecq 1972 poland -germany 1:3 (2 müller goals ,inclusive gamewinner)
    ecq 1972 germany-albania 2:0( müller didnt play)
    ecq 1972 germany-poland 0:0
    ecq 1972 england-germany 1:3 quarterfinal (müller 1 goal,this games was played in 2 legs where away goals count more)
    ecq germany-england 0:0

    ec finals in belgium
    host belgium-germany 1:2 (2 müller goals, inclusive gamewinner)
    final germany-sovietunion 3:0 (2 müller goals , inclusive gamewinner)

    wc 1974 germany-chile 1:0
    wc 1974 germany-australia 3:0 ( 1 goal müller)
    wc 1974 brd-ddr - 0:1
    wc 1974 germany-yugoslawia 2:0 (1 goal müller)
    wc 1974 germany-sweden 4:2 (2 assists müller)
    wc 1974 germany-poland 1:0 (1 goal müller,gamewinner)
    wc 1974 germany-netherland 2:1 (1 goal müller,gamewinner,+ 1 goal wrongfully recalled)

    31 games played, 39 goals scored (gpg ratio 1.26)
    did score goals in 24 of 31 games (77.5% rate)
    scored 17 gamewinners in 31 games,scored in 2 other games his teams only goals ,drawing both games 1:1...

    venezuela isnt tougher than albania in the early 70s...

    albania has conceeded 1972 in 6 games only 9 goals in a tough group with germany,poland and turkey, albania did score 5 goals in 6 games..
    the games with germany has ended only 0:1 (gamewinner for germany only in minute 88)and 0:2 in germany .. albania beat turkey 3:1 at home and drew a other game with turkey,albania did loose against poland 3:0 and 1:2 at home...far away from blowouts..

    albania drew germany 1968 at home 0:0, cyprius did loose at at home in injury time against germany 1970 only was very dificult sometimes for teams winning in this countries even for a big team like germany , homegames are a another story.....

    if you look what müller did 1970..scored goals in 11 straight games and has assistet in his last game..germany has played the maximum of 12 games and müller with a perfect 12 game point streak..8 gamewinners,1 gametieing goal. ect....
  17. sidis

    sidis Member

    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    i'm sayng that is easier play good at home than in away matches and that score goals in general isn't the ultimate analisys that you can do about a strker

    like i said is much more difficult decide the game than only extend the advantage.

    in 70's muller really did a great sequence.

    Romário always had problems with some coaches, for this he wasn't capped for WCQ of 02 and 94 many times.

    but romário have more tougther games that he decide
    Rio de Janeiro Argentina 2-0 Copa America (1 goal)
    Rio de Janeiro Paraguay 3-0 Copa America (1 goal)
    Rio de Janeiro Uruguay 1-0 Copa America (1 goal)
    Palo Alto Russia 2-0 World Cup (1 goal)
    Palo Alto Cameroon 3-0 World Cup (1 goal)
    Detroit Sweden 1-1 World Cup (1 goal)
    Riyadh Saudi Arabia 3-0 Confederation Cup (2)
    Riyadh Mexico 3-2 Confederation Cup (1)
    Riyadh Czech Republic 2-0 Confederation Cup (1)
    Maracaibo Venezuela 6-0 World Cup Qualifying (4 in a away game)
    Guadalajara Mexico 3-3 (2)

    the unique cup that he could play for brazil without any coach with personal problems against him he score the 2 goals who qualify brazil to cup, score 5 decidive goals in 5 games of this cup, and in the others 2 he make 1 assistance in one and 1 penalty converted in the final against Italy.
  18. bosterosoy

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    Jan 22, 2007
    In a House
    i think this statement:

    doesn't match the following games you decided to psot:

    This one is the funniest. A game against Venezuela is now considered a 'tough game' lmao
  19. sidis

    sidis Member

    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    in both games romário score the first goal, agains 2 team playing with 4 defenders and 4 defensive midfielders in the field.

    after the brazil goal, the teams was forced to open the game.

    i put this game because he score 4 goals in a away game in a world cup qualifiers. if score 4 goals against albania at home could be counted, this match could be counted too.
  20. dor02

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    Aug 9, 2004
    UC Sampdoria
    Nat'l Team:
    Muller was the best. His record and achievements are very impressive. Van Basten was arguably the most gifted and definitely the most elegant of strikers.

    Romario played for two seasons or so at Barca. He spent too much time in Holland. Ronaldo has been in Europe for 10 years and played in three World Cups. OK, Pele didn't play in Europe but he was still great. In Romario's time, he should have went to Spain earlier, try to cut it in Italy or at NT level, just shut his mouth and play.
  21. sidis

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    Jun 2, 2006
    Itaguaí-RJ - Brazil
    I think that nor Romário nor nobody have the necessity to prove that he is a good player playing in the Europe.

    any brazilian go to europe to prove that he is a good player, they go to europe for money.

    romário play 2 seasons for barça and was nominated in all-time barça team, in the all-time PSV team, in the all-time Vasco da Gama team (competing with bebeto, vava, roberto dinamite, ipojucan, ademir menezes, leonidas da silva and many others).

    romário was 2 time the UCL top scorer, 2 times Eredivisie top scorer and 1 time spain top scorer.

    i think that is a pretty impressive performance for only six complete seasons in europe...

    sadly that he come back to flamengo in brazil, a team that coudn't qualify for libertadores for many years.
    but for flamengo and vasco he was the top scorer of Mercosul Cup in 99 and in 00 (something close to uefa cup, but with invited big teams).

  22. condor11

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    Apr 2, 2002
    New Zealand
    but what seasons they where
  23. 621380

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    Feb 21, 2004
    nobody deny his 4 goals in a away games against venezuela.......but you was the person where pointed out venezuela is tougher team than pointed not out the criteria why...albania is no strong team in europe and so is venezuela in southamerika...romario has scored the last 4 goals in a 6:0 win against venezuela, not the decisive first 2 goals....

    i have checked venezuelas sucess in copa amerikas since 1987-2004.....29 games played ,25 defeats and 4 draws...only 2007 as hosts venezuela had decent sucess in the grouphase but was koed 1:4 against uruquay at home....

    in 2002 qualification for worldcup venezuela in 18 games has conceeded 44 goals, scoring 18 goals...

    romario has played with brasil 4 times against venezuela in his career.(twice copa amerika,twice wcq.).....

    4 wins, 18:1 goals .....(5:0,4:0,3:1,6:0)

    müller in his career twice against albania..
    2 wins 7:0 goals (6:0,1:0)...

    so its a mysery for me why you call venezuela a tougher team than albania..
  24. aguimarães

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    Apr 19, 2006
    LD Alajuelense
    Sprinting and toe punting a ball puts him above Pele, Ronaldo, Müller, Puskas, Kocsis, Fontaine, Eusébio, Ademir, Matthews, and Careca:rolleyes:

    And the Brazilian league he played in wasn´t the same one Pele and Ademir competed in(when all the best Brazilians played domestically instead of going abroad.)
  25. glennaldo_sf

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    FL Fart Vang Hedmark
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I don't think Romario was nearly as dominant in 94 as Maradona was in 86... just my opinion though.

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