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    Jun 8, 2002
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    Do all the doubters of this guys talent, we now hear that the likes of Juventus are after him.

    He has looked like a force in the Sporting Midfield.

    And it turns out that the boys at SCP DO know what they are doing when it comes to transfers.

    This guy is only 21 and Barcelona had no plans to use him.

    Now he shows that he can defend, score and lead the team.

    He has one of the strongest shots I have seen in a while, and if he every leaves, Sporting gets a piece of the action.

    Bravo to the SAD Leonina for this acquisition.

    Tough to lose Quaresma, but getting cash and this guy makes it a great deal.
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    Aug 28, 2003
    Yeah I'm really surprized!!! That goal he scored against Porto left me with my mouth open. what a shot this guy has. And he knows how to play too. Nice pickup scp

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