Roberto Cornejo - Club Management at Tijuana Xolos

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    Watching this video, I noticed Roberto Cornejo, Deputy General Manager at Xolos, introduced as Mexican-American.

    8:15 mark:

    Interview with Tom Marshall:

    Mentions a real focus on recruiting So Cal.

    He was responsible for publicizing Bruno Piceno's US passport:

    From an interview with

    But not all are happy that the Xolos, who have recently opened youth academies in Chula Vista and 60 miles north in Temecula, have taken such a proactive approach to developing Mexican-American talent. People in Mexico have told Cornejo that the team is “arming our CONCACAF rivals. But we don't see it like that. If they play for the United States, that's great. If they play for Mexico, that's great. We just really want to develop the players of our region and give them opportunities, regardless of their nationality.” (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that talented players with an American connection might garner interest among potential fans north of the border.)

    I can't find a whole lot about Roberto's background, but several sites mentions he lives in San Diego, much like his Mexican-American players.
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    I never knew who to thank for our youths playing there, I'm now a big fan of this guy. It seems only logical that American youth talent keeps growing there. With players like Arriola, and Moreno being called up to the national team and being academy guys (kinda?) for them, and other players making big strides by debuting or coming close.

    A little OT, from watching that video I think I'm definitely taking the trip to TJ soon. I wonder if Gringos can live in TJ and commute to San Diego? :thumbsdown:

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