Rivaldo Reveals Reds Talks

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    Rivaldo has admitted to having discussions with Liverpool over a possible New Year move to Anfield.
    The Brazilian international offered some insight into his future, although his exact destination is far from clear as he looks to leave Milan.

    "It is true that I am talking with Liverpool," he commented. "But the negotiations still have not finished and I cannot say anything more."

    Rivaldo admits he is experiencing one of the lowest points of his glittering career as he prepares for Brazil's South American qualifiers for the World Cup.

    "I am looking for everything to pass," he added.

    "It is very difficult. This is one of the worst years of my career."

    The dream for the former Barcelona forward would be to return to Camp Nou.

    "It's clear I'd like to come back but I know it's not possible," he explained.

    "Now they are looking for young players and I am already 31.

    "They have Ronaldinho, who is one of the best players in the world and will improve further.

    "As for my future, there have been contacts with Liverpool, but nothing is decided yet."

    Rivaldo also went into further detail about his current misery in Milan.

    "At Milan, I've still worked hard," he protested. "Ask Cafu, Dida and Kaka.

    "I work a lot, I have some good training sessions but then I'm never selected by the coach.

    "It's a really troublesome thing and not thinking this will help the national team because I like being here.

    "Anyway, (Carlo) Ancelotti isn't a person who persecutes me as Louis van Gaal did in Barcelona.

    "He's a really different person. He's a very good man who talks with me.

    "He just doesn't allow me to play. This is the problem. The reasons? I don't know."

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    For a player his age, is better to have a tuff coach and play like at Barza than to have a comprehensible coach like in Milan and not play at all.

    Rivaldo would be a great addition to Liverpool. Much needed addition. The league in England suits him better than the Italian. As La Liga suited him. Both the English and Spanish leagues focus on attack and apply pressing. The Italian on locking midfield and developing from there.

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