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Discussion in 'Argentina: Selecciones Nacionales' started by Burr, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Futbol at the Olympics is starting to suck. Clubs just don't let the players go. Either eliminate the entire thing or make this a FIFA event and not only that, make it that teams can bring full teams, meaning they can bring a sub team or a full team. Sure, does it overlap with the Euro's? Perhaps, but Euros is a shitshow(pardon my French) with nearly half the delegation going to the tournament.

    We were robbed of taking the likes of Dybala and Icardi which perhaps cost us winning another medal. I don't recall a major issue until 2008 when FCB threw a giant hissy fit over Messi. From that moment clubs have been reluctant of sending players.

    I personally love the summer Olympics and winning a medal for your country is one of the greatest honors you can have.
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