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Discussion in 'Real Salt Lake' started by JoeW, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Steve Goff is off in China for the Women's WC. So...while he's gone, Dan Steinberg (of the W. Post "Sports Bog") is holding down the fort. He got to know Eskandarian and Rimando very well when they were with United.

    So...with them in town, he caught up with them. While the article mostly has a United focus, I think you'll enjoy it anyway. It gives you a sense of what these two guys are like, how classy they are, and what good teammates they likely are. Neither take cheap shots at RSL (in fact, it seems like they go out of their way to say positive things about RSL) and Rimando in particular makes it clear that he has roots down in SLC.

    One weird thing comes out in the article though: Eskandarian has evidently been told by RSL officials to stop giving away jersey's. Evidently he'd always giving his away at the end of the game (home or road) and it appears the team wants to stop replacing them as I understand it. Anyrate, here is the URL:

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    The equipment guy only brought one set. He's going to have to wash tonight's jerseys for Saturday's match...:)
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    From the article:

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