Ricardo Pepi at PSV Eindhoven

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by EXALIFTIN, Jun 27, 2021.

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    moving around the US every few years ....
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    this should be a fun game to watch (separate from Yanks Abroad interest) ... both of these squads love to attack ...
  2. Watch Arsenal's Odegaard, who was bought as a kid by Real, but in the Eredivisie learned how to play at SC Heerenveen and Vitesse.
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    It's not American bread . . .
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    PSV didn't belong on the same pitch tonight. Embarrassing really. Pepi comes on in the 89th minute. You have to think de Jong's legs are going to fall off at some point.
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    PSV went on a suicide mission. It ended how you'd expect.
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    Total Kapsalon.
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    I was thinking along those same lines. Poutine is just nachos with what ingredients they had on hand. :D . Or loaded fries that they've had at Dallas area restaurants since the 70's - which were probably hamburger places response to - nachos.
  8. The U19 PSV did a better job against Arsenal in the Youth League, the CL for young teams.
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    I pointed this out in the PBP thread, but according to Transfermarkt, across all 10 competitive matches this season LdJ has clocked the 3rd most minutes of any PSV player (including keeper!).

    It would be worrying if another striker was getting more minutes off the bench than Pepi, but while Vertessen is a "forward" on paper, Bosz has only played him on the wing this season.
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    Their identity is "sign, develop, sell". All Dutch soccer fans and journalists know that but I had never heard that until recently. From a top Dutch soccer journalist. Now it all makes more sense.
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    Do you think we don’t know who Odegaard is?
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    Watch odegaard who was taught by his father, real madrid castilla and real sociedad!
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    I can't tell if this is a serious post or just a mockery of how ridiculously off topic the thread was...
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    Don’t miss the spicy Lamb!
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    I am a man of many talents.
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    Odegaard, developed primarily in Holland, despite spending more time in Norway, Spain, and England lol
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    Thanks man no one knows who Odegaard is on these boards. Will make sure to tune in on him going forward.
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    Is he a dual nat? CAP HIM NOW!
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    But everything’s important he learned at the Abe.
  20. Does he know we make tasty saté from lambs:)
    1. [​IMG]https://lekkertafelen.nl › recepten › hoofdgerecht › vleesgerechten › heerlijke-sate-van-lamsvlees
      Heerlijke saté van lamsvlees - Lekker Tafelen
      Zo maak je saté van lamsvlees: Meng in een schaal de 2 soorten ketjap, het limoensap, de knoflook, de gember, de koriander, de komijn, de gula djawa of de bruine suiker, de sambal oelek en de olie tot een marinade. Leg het vlees erin en laat het minstens een uur marineren. Rijg het vlees aan de spiesjes.

  21. Look where he spent his formative years and the number of minutes as a 1st team player in a first league
  22. It's Abe's spirit still wandering there.
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    Can I get a recipe and the derivative and etymology of the word "sate," please?

    Also, if you could do it in the voice of either Owen Wilson or Dwight Schrute, that would be great.
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    That goal came right in time, he'll keep getting minutes now.
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