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  1. Tony Biscaia

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    Feb 17, 1999
    This complement is unspoken/Cancela, Joseph click in midfield
    By Frank Dell'Apa

    Fabbro fits into the mix
    By Gus Martins

    Moore time for Revs
    By Gus Martins

    Not needing a victory, Revs still shooting for one

    MetroStars Face Crucial Playoff Game

    The Pepe Factor
    By Brad Feldman

    Revs-Metros Game Two Preview

    Revs video news, Nov. 8
    Featuring a Gillette World Sport report that includes a few peeks of Johannes Ngodzo, including a world class WWF takedown by Rusty

    Yo Dani, where's your article?
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    Jul 7, 2000
    It's there...just like FDA's match reports were last week in The Globe.

    Revs Poised To Advance...

    Tony: FWIW, Sylvan Learning Centers has a very good computer application program. ;) j/k

    There was a section that was chopped: Pepe Cancela wants to return to MLS next year. His deal runs out at the conclusion of the playoffs, but he's hopeful he can get another done.
    Cancela: “I had other options in Mexico and Central America but I chose MLS. It’s a league where the soccer is growing all the time and that’s one of the reasons I chose it.
    “Salaries here aren’t as big as other countries, but their certain. Here you get paid on time and other places salaries could be backlogged or, in some cases, they don’t fulfill their obligations."
    Where have we heard that before?
    We also talked about all the fouls and hard plays he's been a part of. He said he doesn't think they're overly malicious (especially by the Mutts' players) or the players are doing anything extraordinary to go after him. He said, after all, that's he's the No. 10 --- he expects it. He was asked about the collision with Joey DiGi. He said a few words (none of them placing blame), and laughed.
    I like this guy. A lot...
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    Feb 17, 1999
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    SE Mass
    From the latest Jim Dow piece:

    "When the MLS playoffs are done [Fabbro]'ll go to Disney World with his family and then return to Buenos Aires to watch his brother, Jonathan, play for Boca Juniors. "He's 20 years old and plays midfield, just behind the forwards. Right now, with the star striker hurt, he has a chance but Bianchi (the coach) is tough. He doesn't like to play kids."

    Hey, we'll take him.

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