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    Kamler re-United with D.C.
    By Gus Martins
    Thursday, November 4, 2004

    "Their (United) fans have been loyal through the ups and the downs,'' Kamler said. ``Obviously the first three years it was pretty easy to be a fan down there. You've got to give their fans a lot of credit for sticking by their team for the last few years..."

    Not really to nit-pick, but "where's the love" Brian :)

    Dorman: No substitute for confidence
    By Gus Martins/ Revolution Notebook
    Thursday, November 4, 2004

    There's no substitute for the play of Dorman
    By Frank Dell'Apa, Globe Staff | November 4, 2004

    Also, Clint Dempsey and Brad Feldman will be on CN8's Sports Pulse with host Ed Berliner this evening at 10:00PM. Sports Pulse is also available to Comcast Digital Cable subscribers On Demand.
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