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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by Rev-eler, Oct 25, 2003.

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    Feb 13, 2000
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    Revs go for home-field advantage, Gus Martin, Boston Herald

    Revelation for Revolution, Frank Dell'Apa, Boston Globe

    Newpapers! Can we please get to the point where Revs fans can actually have "pre-game" analysis on "game day"!!

    IMO, this esp. applies to FDA. There is little to nothing about today's match. Its like a regurgetation of tuesday's/most days articles..."In their formative years, the Revolution struggled to devise a winning formula"...."Fatalism and pessimism have been replaced by optimism and pragmatism"....

    it feels like the same damn piece over and over and over again...he just uses quotes from a diff player or a different player's "angle" each time. sure, he sort of mentioned bradley "resting" pope, guevara, and mathis....but, at least, martins followed that info up with the fact that "Revolution coach Steve Nicol was incredulous that Bradley wouldn't be playing his top team if everyone is healthy."

    IMO soccer should be treated with somewhat the same, but to a lesser degree, as nfl pregame pieces. Short analysis of the game itself, implications, matches to watch for, injury list, caution pts warning list, lineups, some relevant number stats. doesn't have to be a full page....just has to be informative about the match.

    Frank, leave the player fluff pieces for the rest of the week.
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    Maybe some day

    Maybe that day will come. If you open any South American or European newspaper today. You will find an article with a by line, like FDA - a Sport Chronicle. There will be a numbers write-up like you asked, usually done by soome younger guy, and interviews done by other senior writers.

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