Return of the 4-4-2: Swansea vs Man U (Bob Bradley)

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad Gameday' started by Gorky, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Fanatical Monk

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    Jun 14, 2011
    He won't make it past January like this.

    This reminds me of Fulhams fall In the last season of epl. American owner knows eff all.
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    It's funny though. That's how bad United is, people thinking that Swansea could/should get a result against them! hahah. Hopefully Bob can turn things around to maintain his job and get a transfer season to bring in some of his own type of players.
  3. wellno

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    Jul 31, 2016
    I thought the USA had dibs on the German who manages Huddersfield.
  4. shnaggletooth

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    Jun 23, 2002
    Agreed. If he can just get Swansea to 17th place before January, he'll have a shot at staying. Otherwise...
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    He will have to show improvement against Crystal and Sland. That will be the barometer to see if he can hack it. They need to stop waiting for the second half to pick up the pace.
  6. soccerusa517

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    Little time to get results. I do think he made a mistake with the lineup. Doubt he makes it to January window if this keeps up.

    EPL they change managers like socks with the threat of relegation looming. He has a short leash by fans because no top league experience and the fact he's American. Ownership will have to pull the trigger if it doesn't improve.
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  7. Sam Hamwich

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    Jul 11, 2006
    He's not coaching anymore, he's running triage. He needs to figure out his back line. he needs a covering dmid. 5 draws in a row wont make anyone happy, but they put him in a position to make a run on the back 9.


    He only has to beat 3 other teams on points to keep his job.
  8. Jamooky

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    Mar 24, 2006
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    A lot of this roster's holes will need address in January. But if Bob doesn't make it to January, what's the use?
  9. sidefootsitter

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    Oct 14, 2004
    went to the Swansea Fan Forum

    -pregame -

    "he has lost his mind after only four weeks in charge...."

    "Not sure Bradley has a clue about who is best players are, let alone the best way to set them up. Horrible feeling we are going to leak like a sieve ..."

    "Got to be the slowest line up in premiership history".

    after United scored -

    "There is zero composure in our team. As soon as re receive the ball we attempt to get it to the strikers as quickly as possible. Even if it does reach them, the strikers have the ball on the halfway line with no one ahead.

    It is completely pointless. Britton makes us play effectively with 10 men as he is a midfielder who sits far too deep. Carrick is their DM yet he constantly drives forward and links defence and attack. Leon links defence and defence.

    It is embarrassing to watch"

    "This is like watching a League 1 team playing Utd in the Fa cup."

    "Do we practice defending?

    "Complete rubbish. No plan what so ever apart from play for a set piece or a mistake. Why even bother turning up?"

    "The midfield two are basically playing at centre back. There is such a big gap between defence and attack that its not surprising a midfielder found space on the edge of the area to shoot."

    "We are playing like a team with £60 million taken from our playing budget "



    "How many managers are we going to get through this season?"

    "This is utter garbage Its that bad i'd take fat sam now and cant stand the cat"

    "We've got nothing. We're showing nothing. We don't even have half a clue. I'm sorry, but we look done."

    "Where's the "Jenkins Out" banner?"

    "It is absolutely appalling. Words cannot describe just how bad this is."

    "I'm going for the first chorus of "you don't know what you're doing" after the third goal. Better late than never."

    "This is shocking. No ideas or pace going forward, far too much space in midfield for Man U. I am staggered that this is the same club that has been competitive in the Premiership for so long. A miserable state of affairs".

    " At this point I don't actually know what's happening. We seem to have adopted an average league 1 mindset, when it comes to out footballing ethos. We can't pass, can't hold possession and can't tackle."

    "Say what you want about Guidolin, he would have changed this by now, at least he had some balls. This Bradley guy hasn't got a clue"



    "Bradley's a chump but he'll not be sacked, he'll be managing us into League One"

    "Embarrassing :( "

    "He has to go. This is the worse manager I've ever seen in the Prem"

    "Bradley Out! Jenkins Out!"

    "Starting to turn nasty in the stands - "good theiving c*nts"

    " Major surgery required. Too late for half measures. Starting with Clueless Bob fûcking off. Pronto."

    "Dire - especially that third goal where the defence just seemed to part. I hope the supporters stay behind the team though - there is very little hope, but if morale goes January will be far too late to do anything. Hope those chumps who said 'wait until January' when some of us were worried at the end of the window, know now what we were were talking about"

    "26/1 is currently the best you can get for Bradley to be the next to leave. He's crashed down to ~8/1 at most places."

    The worst thing here is that a relatively flat Utd team aren't doing anything clever. It's basic and it's easy and it's cutting us to pieces. There's no pace, they're just knocking it about. We have nothing up front, midfield is non existent and the defence is all over the place Performances are getting worse"

    "In any normal club he would be a cert for the chop - we are now a basket case so anything is now possible."

    "National conference in 5 years!"

    " My 'Bottom at Christmas' bet is looking pretty good right now."

    "Depressing beyond!!! Stupid clueless decisions off the field and on!"

    "Absolute gutless first half performance. Without doubt this particular team has not got the spirit or fight to stay up. Combined with a clueless,novelty manager, its looking increasingly obvious our fate is sealed."

    "Absolutely dreadful in every possible way!"

    "The new owners are certainly taking us to the next level. Bullshit bullshit and more bullshit."

    "I try real hard usually to be cup half full and see a positive somewhere in our play, but I cant do it anymore we really are going backwards with every game we played since we got rid of guido."

    "More chance of change happening if we concede six. I'd settle for that if it meant getting rid of Clueless Bob next week."

    "The worst 45 minutes in our Premier League journey so far. No exaggeration. It was an absolute mauling by a Manchester Team who never left first gear."

    "It was a disgrace"

    "Villa MK11, cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel.......correction cannot see the F..king tunnel."

    "It was the worst 45 mins I have seen from us since we have been in the Premier League. We looked like we were employing League Two tactics. I might switch on highlights of the Welsh Premier to see what we were trying to achieve."

  10. Sam Hamwich

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    Jul 11, 2006
    Baptism of fire. This is why Big Sam is so well utilized and adapted to the prems. he doesn't coach football, he coaches results.

    Bob better find this truism in his toolbox, ditch his ego, and grind it out until one day, perhaps in the last match, he will have the luxury of being a football coach again.
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  11. lmorin

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    Mar 29, 2000
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    It is my understanding that most of the better Swansea players were sold to other Prem teams and were not replaced with equal quality players. It is my humble opinion that, fans' ire aside, the lack of Swans quality lies with the available players and not the coach.
  12. wellno

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    Jul 31, 2016
    Before this narrative takes hold that there's nothing Bob Bradley could do because of the low quality of his playing squad: it's a managers job to make players play above their potential, to motivate the players and to get their tactics right. Compare Chelsea under Conte to Chelsea under Mourinho, compare Sunderland under Allardyce to Sunderland under Moyes, Man United under Ferguson to everything that has come since: the right manager can make a big difference with minimal change in personnel. Eddie Howe is an exceptional manager and he had 4 starters on the weekend who he has carried through from League One.

    Is he motivating his players? Is he getting his tactics right? Are they playing better or worse than before he joined? Is he getting them to perform better than "par" or worse? What is he doing to show he should keep this job when Sam Allardyce is available? Those are the important questions.
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