Resurrection of Everton USA?

Discussion in 'Everton USA' started by TexasToffee, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I have been looking for a place on-line where Evertionians across the US can unite! There other forums, like, that are great Everton forums, however, I would really enjoy something more oriented towards those of us on this side of The Pond. Maybe Everton USA used to be that! All I could find is this sub-forum and some references to a dead

    Could someone let me know what has happened to Everton USA? Would it be possible to revive it?

    Thanks in advance. Have a good one!
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    No answers, just checking in to see where this goes. Following on GOT as well.
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    Everton USA grew out of the EFCSCNA (I think I got those initials the right way around). Unfortunately, the lead of it moved to England, got married etc etc. and despite a few people here in the US (Boston, NY, Seattle and DC) trying to keep it going, the transfer of information never happened, so there was no way for us to reach out to the members and continue on.

    I wanted to take it on myself (NY in the above list) but it became frustrating and IRL (as opposed to online life) I got super busy.

    Boston supporters club - Dermot Reilly runs it - is partly out of EUSA, and very much because of Dermo's passion. EFC-NYC is still going, and I do off/on update it but it's not an officially affiliated club... you wouldn't believe how tough it is to get 30 names signed up (for no money!) out of maybe 100 people here in NYC...

    It doesn't help that our club flailed about for the better part of the season, our board refuses to invest, and peoples lives have pulled them in new directions. As little as I can keep efc-nyc running, it doesn't bode well for a full US club. :(
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