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    My memory may be fuzzy but I seem to recall a situation in hockey back in the 60's or 70's that called for solution similar to the one I would like to propose. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Assoc. ran amateur hockey in this country but Hockey Canada was created to take over the admin of the national team. It has worked incredibly well and there is not reason why it won't work in soccer.

    Create a new body with the sole purpose of running the national team and creating some sort of feeder system. Get the amateurs out of the way and leave it up to professionals. The volunteers can continue to build their little empires in the CSA but the game will be in the hands of people who really care about seeing it grow in Canada.

    I have no idea of how this might work but then I am not a detail man. Just the big picture for me. ;)
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    need to get some business types on board and see about reforming the entire structure.
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    so what exactly has or is happening with your FA? Kinda in the dark here sorry:eek:

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    If you list what the CSA does well, you'd have a shorter list.


    Jan 20, 2007
    It's run by a bunch of volunteers and their focus is the amateur game, with the emphasis on participation, not improving skill levels and overall excellence. They all have their little empires which they guard zealously, to the detriment of our national teams and the health of the game. As long as they remain in place, our national teams will never amount to anything and the game will be mired in the backwaters of Canadian sport.

    Colin Linford who has just resigned as President of the CSA wanted to change the culture by bringing in skilled personal from outside the CSA and the country for that matter and institute a degree of professionalism in the organization that has up to now been unknown. When the drones all found out that it meant that their personal influence was likely going to decrease, they fought him and have apparently won. The bastards!!

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