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    Multitude of Ways to Measure the Depth of This Loss

    by Susan Lenfestey

    "He's dead, get over it!" reads the bumper sticker seen around town in the state that once inspired the term "Minnesota Nice." The "he," of course, is Sen. Paul Wellstone, who died with his wife, daughter and colleagues in a fiery crash in the tamarack bogs of northern Minnesota one year ago this weekend.

    Those who sport that withering sentiment, on their bumpers or in their hearts, don't deserve a further thought. But those who lost their lives do. We remember them, we mourn them -- and we know all too well that they are dead.

    Veterans know it, from the absence of any voice in the Senate to question the shoddy treatment of our armed forces -- those serving heroically yet indefinitely in Iraq, those lying injured in substandard medical barracks back home, those facing pay cuts and reduced benefits for their sacrifices, those being buried at services their commander in chief has chosen not to attend.

    Working people know it, when they see their benefits cut, their pay frozen, their pension funds depleted and their opportunities dead-ended by the loss of nearly 3 million jobs since President Bush took office.

    Teachers know it, as they grapple with overcrowded classrooms, rigid and unfunded mandates and slashed "extras" like art, music and gym.

    Families know it, when they suffer financial catastrophe because the insurance industry won't cover treatment for their mentally ill children.

    Women and children know it, when they find that the programs that once offered them health and safety from domestic violence -- programs for which Paul and Sheila fought -- are no longer funded.

    Voters know it, as they watch presidential contenders quibble over who did or didn't oppose the war in Iraq, as Paul did with his courageous "no" vote in the final days of his toughest campaign.

    Old-school Republicans -- and just about everyone else -- know it, when only a few bubbles of dissent swirl in the wake of a proposal to spend $87 billion more for a vague and bloated nation-building scheme in Iraq and Afghanistan...

    R.I.P., Senator. You deserved better.
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    Paul Wellstone was a great man, a great Senator and a great American. He voted his conscience was unapologetic to be a liberal and he always fought for the little guy.

    He is missed and will always be missed. This country needs more Paul Wellstones and fewer Norm Colemans.

    I still remember meeting him when he was a professor at Carletin College. He was actually my sister's advisor! I was visiting her and she introduced me to him.

    If I were a Democratic candidate in a tight Senate or Gubernatorial race in 2004 I would really think twice before getting in a small plane the last couple of weeks before the election.
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    Oh, boy... :rolleyes:
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    Sep 5, 2001
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    I think you misunderstood me. I didn't mean that in a black helicopters kind of way. I guess I meant it in a superstious (sp?) way that I am. It is just freaky that that has happened now two elections in a row on very high profile, contested races. As someone who worked on political campaigns for 8 years I spent alot of time hoping around on those planes with the candidate (I once did 18 counties in three days). I can tell you how sketchy those are sometime.
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    No question about, though anecdotal evidence is not required given the horrific fatality stats. It happens to members of both parties at random intervals.

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