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  1. I saw this and thought:
    Did that photographer just had luck to have the ad combined with the injury moment?
    Then I thought it would be nice to have a place to post things like that. Just remarkable moments that deserve a place to be seen for their own merit.
    So it's not ment to showcase photos or videos of supergoals, but expressions that are on their own remarkable.
    I hope this picture conveyes what I mean. It's the captured moment itself, not the injury.
    Edit: So it's more about the emotion it generates as an image, not the registration of a fact.
    And could it be pinned on top of the forum list @Orange14?
  2. @Gilbertsson
    This is not what the thread is ment for.
    See the quote and the picture I posted.
    Could it be deleted? This stuff belongs in the club threads.
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    Moved to Ajax thread.
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