Regionalliga matchday 11 [R]

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Alex_K, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. Alex_K

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    Mar 23, 2002
    Braunschweig, Germany
    Eintracht Braunschweig
    Nat'l Team:
    Eintracht Braunschweig lost 2:3 at home against Köln Amateurs. It's frustrating at the moment as the team plays horrible, but already proved that they could do it so much better previously this season. Thomas did not start (some changes were made in the line-up because of the recent crisis) and came in in the 46th minute. He had some chances, but couldn't help to turn arround the game.
    ************! [insert favorite German swearwords ;))

    There is already a thread:
  2. strider026

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    Aug 7, 2002
    How did Conor Casey do this weekend?
  3. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Casey is playing 2.Bundesliga that had off this weekend due to the EC qualifiers.

    According to kicker, the ejection for Gibbs was undeserved. This has to be seen with a little question mark though as in D3 they only have the home reporter writing about the game.

    Maurer (2:3 vs Leipzig) and Matarazzo (still injured, 2:2 vs Neumünster) DNP

    No playing time in the south for Cummins (1:1 vs Augsburg), Payne/Gibson and Lukin/Norkus.

    Lawson and Mason played full 90 in Elversberg’s 2:2 home draw against top ranked and undefeated Bayern Reserves. In the final quarter hour they compensated Bayern’s two goal lead within three minutes.

    van Buskirk came in at halftime in Siegen’s 1:1 road draw at Eschborn. He scored Siegen’s lead in the 60th that was equalised four minutes before the end.
  4. Dave Marino-Nachison

    Jun 9, 1999
    Hey olafgb,

    I noticed that Kevin Boyd is still listed as a member of the squad on 1 FC Eschborn's webpage -- I thought you said he left the team. Well, it does look like he hasn't been playing for them, so you are probably right but I thought I'd double check.

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