Regionalliga Matchday 10 [R]

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by olafgb, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001

    Thomas: full 90 in a further disappointing road game, a 1:1 at Sachsen Leipzig, that extends Braunschweig's streak to three games winless.

    Maurer: DNP in Wattenscheid's 2:0 road win at Dortmund Reserves.

    Matarazzo: DNP due to injury in a 1:2 road loss in Kiel bringing his team into major relegation trouble.

    Gibbs' road game at Schalke Reserves was cancelled due to permanent heavy rain.


    Cummins/Payne/Lawson/Gibson/Mason: full 90 for Lawson and Gibson, 81 for Mason and Cummins had his first 9 D3 minutes for opponent Aalen. Elversberg won 1:0 on the road.

    van Buskirk went full 90 in a 0:2 home loss against Offenbach. The other two Siegen YA DNP
  2. Alex_K

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    Mar 23, 2002
    Braunschweig, Germany
    Eintracht Braunschweig
    Nat'l Team:
    The team seems to be in a little crisis at the moment (at least the point was enough to reach the 2nd place again). But as it seems the performance was at least a step up from last week's.
  3. Dave Marino-Nachison

    Jun 9, 1999

    Any news on that Yank as Osnabruck? At first Donny Mark was the best I could come up with, but Trevor Perea and Shaun Tsakiris are other small, skillful guys who might fit the bill.
  4. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001
    No news, but he'd be playing for Gütersloh in D4. The guys you mention are too young - at least if the stadium magazine was right, the guy has to be 26 years old. Might very well be that they don't have enough money to sign him anyway - but still better than signing him first and then realise that they can't afford him...
  5. Dave Marino-Nachison

    Jun 9, 1999
    Woops, my bad. Well, thanks for the update.

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