Ref Blew The Game!!!!!

Discussion in 'Palermo' started by Palermo7, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Palermo7

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    Oct 24, 2007
    Terrible refereeing tonight. How the hell could you give a straight red card to Rinaudo, that was def a yellow card but no wayyyy that was a red come onn. And Roma had so many obstructions that they didnt get carded for its freaking ridiculous. Then they scored like 30 seconds after on that free kick b/c the stupid ref sent our central defender off. We played really ************ in the first half but i saw a lot of spirit in the second, at least they can build on something for the next game.
  2. decola

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    Sep 12, 2006
    AS Roma
    I thought the ref was alright for most of the game other than that error. He let the game flow quite a bit. I thought our team was very average, we had everyone behind the ball other than Amauri and sometimes Miccoli, and kept clearing the ball from defence. Amauri would sometimes latch onto it but he's not a magician, he tried his best but he couldn't dribble all those Roma defenders and get a shot on goal, he's not that kind of player.

    Miccoli was awful frankly, he kept losing the ball and tried far too much rather than just playing it simple when he could. He kept being forced out wide as well, and his passing was just dire. I really think Cavani should be playing instead of Miccoli at the moment, whenever Cavani is on the pitch you see far more hunger and he adds an extra dynamic with his height and strength and also his technical ability. He missed a glorious opporunity but he needs more playing time, you can tell he's a real talent.

    Our defence was good during the game, Rinaudo and Barzagli were both impressive. Barzagli had Totti in his pocket everytime Totti came any where near the box. We suffered mainly because of our full backs. Biava did decently considering he's not a natrual right back, but he has no real offensive ability, and with how narrow out midfield plays we really need the full backs to get forward. Zaccardo did well goign forward, but he's not a natrual left back, and that was constantly being exploited by Casseti (who had a strong game).

    I don't think this result was bad at all though. If Fontana collected that corner they wouldn't have got that goal, and roma didn't have any clear opportunities. We should be able to pick ourselves up from this, but I really hope this slump doesn't last any longer. We really need to be aiming minimum for Europe at the moment.
  3. Kenntak

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    Jul 25, 2006
    I was surprised by that red card too. I don't understand the call.

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