Reep Guv irked by Terror Warnings

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by nsa, Oct 25, 2004.

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    Maybe he's more PO'd about not getting invited on more campaign junkets? :)

    Republican Governor Irked by Terror Warnings
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    The terror warnings can be incredibly frustrating to state and local officials. Here in Jersey City, when we went on "Orange Alert" the city had to pull its undercover narcotic squad officers off their assignment because the city has to assign officers to patrols on the waterfront, etc.

    Obviously, if there is a bona fide threat, it has to be addressed. By all means, if there is credible evidence suggesting a threat, I'd rather have my city's police officers on the watch for terrorists rather than doing undercover buy and busts of low level drug dealers. But Romney's critcism indicates that these warnings are often too vague to be meaningful.

    I will refrain from making the accusation that these terror alerts are tied to the President's re-election campaign (although the timing has been curious...), but it seems that the Dept of Homeland Security is doing a suspect job of protecting us and at the same time disrupting how our localities operate. If it was just an inconvenience or an expense, I'd say fine, that's a reasonable price to pay to prevent another attack. But what's occurring is real interference in how localities operate.

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