Rediculous MLB Umps

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by zverskiy yobar, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Rediculous MLB Umps (cubs-cards (R))

    Watching the Saturday game on Fox between Cubs-Cards.ItsTop of 3rd and 1 out, Hundley just hit a homer... cards pitcher Simontachi throws a wild pitch at the next batter and hits him... Im a cubs fan and even I can tell this was merely a wild pitch.. an accident, not top it off Sosa was on deck! yeah Cards are down 2-0 and there going to put a guy on base for sammy... well back to the beef.. the dumb ass Umps , stopped the game ! and issued warnings to BOTH benches, and bullpens and warned them of any retaliation.. what the hell?! what has baseball become? everytime someone gets beamed are they going to threaten teams not to retaliate.. even when it was an obvious wild pitch.Now the thing that gets me is that Kerry Woods is pitching for the cubs.. he is notorious for wild pitching.with that warning if he beams someone later in the game are they going to eject him? if not why delay the game with warnings?
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    It's a new policy that they enforced a year or two ago. If you nail a batter, both benches get warned. It's completely ridiculous since a lot of the time it's just a wild pitch that simply got away. But of course you can just nail a guy if you want and then you can't stick up for your guy or you'll be ejected.

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