red stars at washington dc

Discussion in 'Chicago Red Stars' started by Fanaddict, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. MRAD12

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    Adriana Leon is the new star on this team. Ella tapped the ball in but it was Leon who put the ball in play with that beautiful bicycle kick.

    I liked Leon when she played at Notre Dame and her goal to win the 2010 NCAA National Championship I'll always remember. I was there in Cary, NC. But I am elated that she is in Chicago with the Red Stars. This was a great move by Rory Dames. She is his type of player, an attacking player that loves to take on defenders and loves to go at goal.
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    Oct 17, 2011
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    It was a very good game by the Red Stars, they completely out played the Spirit, but Masar was offsides on that goal.

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